Let’s Play Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor.

I’ve completed a LP of one of the paths (there are two total) of Might and Magic VII. Feel free to watch it if that interests you!


Very Interesting Plant

The act of growing Tabby Plants is very susceptible to overcrowding, as they grow quite quickly. When you see one of the plants look like they’re squinting, you should replant in multiple pots.





Those horses were gettin’ the fuck outta there.

Hey I’ve seen this video a few times both on here and on twitter, and I want you guys to know this is a 3D render.
This is the original post/artist here! It’s a shame since I keep seeing this without people even knowing it’s a render/not real, and that the artist doesn’t even have a shred of credit.

Reblogged with credit, and A+ job on the render. I believed it was real.