One of my least favorite mental illness things is “hungry but dont feel like eating” and its companions “hungry but all the food in the house is Illegal,” “hungry but can’t make anything,” and “hungry, want to eat, but why bother”

Also the adhd friend “hungry but unaware of hunger because current activity is too captivating”

“Hungry but I’ll get to it later”

“Definite not hungry, nope, but upon forcing oneself to eat something, discovering that the food vanished in 30 seconds and the pervasive feelings of ickiness all vanished, what the fuck"

Hungry but only for one specific food. I do not know what that food is but i do know i don’t have it in the house




Blonde person with yellow popsicle: can somebody tell me how the fuck you make friends after high school?

Brunette person with glasses: Show up somewhere regularly. The reason you make friends in high school is because you see the same people everyday. The reason you make friends at work is because you see the same people everyday. If you want to make friends as an adult, go to the same cafe every week, or go to a calligraphy class. If you don’t want to leave the house you can just go to the same twitch stream everyday that’s what I do, and I’ve made friends there. If you are a familiar face in a place where people share your interests, you’ll make friends.

This is 100% correct. Please follow this advice. Seek out something you find interesting and consistently interact with people who do as well.