I’m aetherspoon.  YES, I’ve finally updated my site.  Sort-of.  I’ve thrown wordpress on here so at least there is something here.  Still deciding what to do with this – I’m thinking that this will be some of my more public postings about gaming (RP, Video, Board).

Anywho, I’m just some person living out in the Midwest US that happens to have friends from all over the world.  I’m not really all that important.

I do, however, write ridiculously verbose posts.  I fight against the Twitterers of the world by posting so long that no one actually reads all of my posts!  That’ll show ’em!  >_>

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  1. Lamb Chops on 2018.09.14 at 01:22 said:

    Hey aetherspoon,

    You know, I initially came here because I read through 80% of your MM6 guide that you wrote back in like, 2003. As I was reading it I was feeling a couple things at once: I was gulping up all the useful information, being very pleased with your emphasis on efficiency, I was impressed by your writing skills, and I was downright disgusted with the level of whining and disdain for half the game it seemed. Like Jesus Christ, shoot the developers why don’t you! I was so internet-pissed off that I wrote in that little box on the site asking me what I thought of the guide and I just shit all over you, the author.

    I was like, “Who tf does this guy think he is? Like, wtf? Shoot the devs!” etc. So when I saw who it was written by, I immediately looked you up (i. e. stalked). And I read a couple of your posts.

    And I wanna say… I apologize.

    You’re a really cool human and I relate to you very much, even with the IT stuff (worked in the field for seven years). You probably don’t even feel human half the time. You shouldn’t feel imposter syndrome because you seem to value competence, efficiency, and mastery of something very much. Therefore I would imagine you try to emulate those things in yourself and get very frustrated and sometimes depressed when you feel like you are failing yourself and/or others.

    I hope everyone in your life appreciates you for that introspective set of traits and knows where you come from. It really sucks being misunderstood.

    Anyway, I like giving random compliments to strangers on the internet. I wish the happiest and most fulfilling of days and nights for you and your wife/girlfriend.


    Lamb Chops

    • Strange thing is, I actually really love Might and Magic VI. It is on my list of favorite games even, and I’ll be making a LP of how I play MM6 somewhat soon.

      Anyway, thank you!

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