Did You Know: There are usually four different spouse reactions types to houses you can live in; Arrogant, Neutral, Nord, or Orc? The reactions for a player-built house, for example:

Arrogant: “Fine, when we’re not fending off attacks by wolves. Or bears. Or giant spiders. Honestly, what were you thinking, sending us out here?”

Neutral: “Fine, love. I think the fresh air does wonders for all of us, and this house… it’s just perfect.”

Nord: “Fine, fine. Living out here on our own will take some getting used to, but I think it’ll be good for us.”

Orc: “Better than ever. Nothing like living off the land to teach you how to fight, how to survive. We’ll have a little warrior on our hands in no time.”

Once again, Orcs prove to be the superior option.

non-orcs: the house you built for me with your own hands is fine… I guess…

orcs: this place is awesome but it’s gonna be even better once we’ve fucked on every horizontal surface

…just the horizontal surfaces? I thought you were an adventurer?

I used to be an adventurer like you, until orc sex made me take an arrow to the knee?



My family had no money.  NADA.  ZIP.  ZERO.  I learned how to cook with the shitty cans of food no one wanted from the back of the food pantry.  We all have high blood pressure because our food intake for six to eighteen years was basically solid sodium, all the time.

On class party days, the party frequently replaced lunch, which meant no hot meal for those of us whose parents couldn’t pack us a brown bag.  Policies like this were othering, exclusionary, and most of all, cruel.

Hey USA what the fuck

Terra Nil – Reclaim the Wasteland by vfqd, elyaradine, TheJunt

I want to share a relaxing game for everyone today.
This is Terra Nil, an “un-city builder” as it were. You’re reclaiming an environmentally-devastated landscape one segment at a time by bringing plant life back to the landscape, expanding biodiversity, restoring the climate system, then leaving no trace of your terraforming behind.

I found it really relaxing and satisfying (not counting my first attempt, which failed horribly).







-“mommy, the kids at school are mean to me!”


Stay away from children for the rest of your lives please

The people who hate this are probably the ones traumatizing their children

this is a show for 3 – 6 year olds what is WRONG with these monsters???

Fun fact, sesame street was created to fill the gap in education for children whose families could not afford to send them to preschool. Sesame street taught basic math and phonics as well as interpersonal skills so that children below the poverty line weren’t starting elementary school behind their more privileged classmates.

Here sesame street is trying to fill a gap where supportive adults should be. Where there should be a teacher or a family member or a counselor to help, for whatever reason, there isn’t, so Sesame Street is stepping in.

This breed of person has always hated Sesame Street. They hated it for showing black and white children playing together. They hated it for giving children of color the head start that rich white families were paying for. They hated it for Bert and Ernie for showing two MEN who LIVED TOGETHER, for the married black nurse who lived on sesame street when it was first released, and for them explaining death. I feel like there was a pregnancy at some point in its early days and they would have REALLY hated that.

These days they don’t (usually) say “I’m not letting my kid watch anything with black kids in it” but they sure throw a tantrum in the youtube comments when Sesame Street DARES to show an autistic girl playing with non-autistic children and being treated like shes anyone else. They lose their shit when Sesame Street has to explain incarceration to 5 year olds. And the muppet in south africa with HIV? Hoo boy.

They hate everything Sesame Street stands for and tries to provide. They always have. We just have to ignore them and keep supporting the show. Or tell them to shut the fuck up and keep supporting the show. Either way Sesame Street will outlive them.

Sesame Street will outlive them.

Elmo is eternal

Happy Birthday, me.

Happy Birthday, me. by Shivers

Via Flickr:

It is just a store-bought Key Lime Pie, but it is mine.
I spent my birthday petting cats and not working. Far from the worst birthday I’ve had, but it still feels… empty.

My mother won’t be calling.
She’s the one that always tried to make my birthdays feel special for me, even the year she had to cancel it due to moving and a lack of money. it’s been years since I had any sort of celebration for the anniversary of my birth, but it felt appropriate to have one this year.

Happy Birthday, me.





idk if uquizzes are still a thing that anyone cares about, but my love for quizzes will never die, so i’m back with another one! i made a dnd class quiz focused more around personality and mindset and less about what abilities you’d like to have in the game. 

also, if anyone is interested in a subclass quiz for any of the classes, let me know! i’m totally down to make those, i just don’t know which class to start with haha

link to the quiz in reblog

Which DND class suits your personality?

I got Artificier and IRL I make robots so this quiz is? Shockingly accurate?

Your Result: Paladin

“You’re an idealistic person who is not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You’ve got strong opinions and you are fully prepared to back up those opinions with your fists, if necessary. Sometimes you might come on a bit strong, but you always have good intentions. You’re very determined and you don’t back down easily. You have a protective side and, ultimately, you’re just trying to make the world a better place.”

Surprisingly, Cleric. I expected Bard.