This week I learned that 2/3 of American teens don’t even know that 6 million Jews were murdered in the holocaust.

This is so shocking to me, as this might be one of the biggest events in human history.

I wanted to share my photos from my trip to Poland, where there used to live the biggest Jewish community, a community that today is nonexistent.

The ‘grave’ of the famous teacher Janusz Korczak, who said he prefers to die with his orphanage children when given a chance to escape the death camp:

A famous synagogue, that is now a museum due to lack of Jewish people that can operate it:

Auschwitz, 2014, after the nazis made sure to hide the existence of the death camp back when they left it:

Real suitcases of Jewish people who got to Auschwitz, most of them probably died in a gas chamber moments after they gave away their belongings:

(At this point we were asked to not take any pictures, so I can’t show you the hair art the nazis made out of Jewish hair)

As part of a ceremony we did, we created a small monument with peace and remembrance in our minds. Mine is a growing tree with roots, to show how we grow using our history as guidance:

Today we have names of 3 million Jews who died in the holocaust, documented by friends and families. The other 3 million are unknown, because there was no one to remember them- their entire family and friends circle died with them.

I have my own family story, and my own grandfather is a holocaust survivor. It’s hard to find Jewish people who don’t have a holocaust story to tell because every single Jewish person has some connection to a descendant of a holocaust survivor, or is himself a descendant of a holocaust survivor.

There are 6 million Jewish people living in Israel today. Around 75 years after the holocaust. You do the math.

Please, remember this event. Please, don’t downplay it. This is not another illuminati conspiracy. This is history, it has evidence, and if we don’t learn from it we will get there again in no time.

Thank you for reading.

The lack of notes is disturbing.

The 2/3rds number is one of those “not telling the truth by telling the strict truth” statistics that people need to watch out about.

The study was specifically asking teens how many people died in the holocaust with a multiple choice answer. Meaning, yes, 2/3rds of teens said a number that wasn’t six million – as in some thought it might have been a bit more, some a bit less, not that 2/3rds of teens didn’t realize that millions died in the holocaust.

The number was more like 30% thought that fewer than two million people had died. Yes, that’s still really concerning and the study had a lot of other concerning statistics in it, but it isn’t 2/3rds of teens don’t think the holocaust wasn’t a big thing. If you had asked me as a young teenager, I probably would have said a number larger than six million too.
Source: The actual study, http://www.claimscon.org/millennial-study/


“Well of course we want the


people to come into our country first”, like okay first of all, fuck you for implying disabled people have zero worth to society, and second of all, this pandemic has shown just how many offices and workplaces can implement accessible work from home policies, but actively choose not to and have done so for at least the last two decades. Same with schooling. Some of us can and are able to work with the right accessibility measures. So why are those measures met with resistance at every damn turn?

And I’m not saying remote access is easy. There are challenges to it. Most of them centralized around poverty and the fact that things like access to the Internet should be a human right at this point (yes, really.) but aren’t. And while those are not the only challenges, what this pandemic has shown to us, is that on a mass scale, yes, businesses and schools can do it. They can let people work and learn from home, regardless of their physical capability to be in their meatspace building. And yet for decades have chosen not to, because making the slightest concession toward disabled access to work and learning is not a priority to them. It’s just not. Ever wonder why applications for office work ask if you can lift 20lbs? They’re checking to make sure you’re physically abled. 

It doesn’t matter if we’re qualified or able to do the actual job description, they just don’t want disabled folks doing it, because once they start making concessions for us, they’ll have to start making concessions for you, and they really don’t want that. They don’t want people to have comfortable lives. They want them beholden. They want them commuting and tired and trapped with no means of upward social mobility. They want you feeding into a system that doesn’t give two shits about your well being or whether you’ll be able to make rent this month. And it’s all by design. It’s all intentional. 

And here’s the real kicker for all of you who still don’t care: disability is the one minority group in the entire world that anyone can become a part of at any given moment. There is no guarantee against disability or infirmity. You can run, exercise and eat right your whole life, and still get injured or ill and find yourself in the predicament of no longer being able to do the things you used to do. It is not a question of character or morality, it just is. Some of you are learning that the hard way with Covid. And if you can’t see the problem with how society treats disabled and chronically ill people, even knowing you yourself might become either of those things one day, then you’re either ignorant, not paying attention, or a damn fool.

Everyone has value. We all have worth. And fuck you for implying otherwise. 



























This is so wholesome

Update: he finally got the cat to the vet to see if she had a microchip

I was already on board with his sweet wholesome open-to-love-and-nurturing heart but I was fully unprepared for getting to that last tweet and seeing how off the hook HOT dude is

https://twitter.com/pariszarcilla?lang=en heres his twitter is here there is also additonal cat photos of his children. 


aww, the kids grow up so fast. ;-;


This is, by far, the single most adorable fucking thing I have ever seen. 



I love that he kept …. All of them.

I’ve reblogged the earlier part of this thread before, and the new stuff makes it even better.

This is the Tumblr equivalent of a warm hug on a cold day.

You’re welcome.

I remember this thread, but I never saw the grown-up pics ?


All hail Catdad

I saw Catdad for the first time today, and my day instantly became exponentially better.



I live for cat dad-

Cat dad has saved us all


I had not seen the updates. I am so happy that the Cat Gods smiled upon this person and their new family :)

The tale continues into 2020!

The whole tale

I needed to know all their names so I just spent way to much time digging and I have results:

Here, left to right we have Mac, Ronin, Dobby, and Pancake.

And here’s their mum, Forever.

Also it turns out catdad is not only hot and heartwarming but also a great screenwriter and director AND painter, which is altogether unfair. Definitely recommend a follow having just scrolled through two years worth of tweets.

But most importantly, I’ll leave you with this:


A couple laptops ago, I was really trying to learn more about this stuff while looking to get new one for school. I ended up talking to the IT guys at my parent’s workplaces (both of them work at places that study and/or send stuff into space, so I trust what these guys had to say) and the main thing they drilled home was the importance of getting an SSD. And after experiencing the difference of laptops with SSD’s vs any of my old laptops, I completely understand why. My old laptops would usually get slower and slower after the first year of use; they would overheat and make upsetting jet engine noises just trying to cool down; they would get to a point where they crashed multiple times a day depending on the programs I tried to run (and all this dispite how often I cleared up file space).

Today, I still have an SSD laptop I got 6 years ago that still runs almost perfectly, and the only reason I upgraded was because I wanted one that was lighter with more file space. Go with SSDs y’all, it makes a difference.


I know this is a haha funny post, but for anyone who needs it, here’s a quick-and-dirty of what you’re most likely going to see while shopping for a computer/laptop (w/Examples)!

  • Cores/Intel Cores (Ex. i3, i5, i9)= Processing Speed= how fast your internet and other programs run. More cores is better.

  • Hard [Disk] Drive(HDD)/Solid State Drive(SSD) (Ex. 250GB, 480GB, 2TB)= How much you can store on your computer (files and apps and programs). A Terabyte(TB) is 1,000 Gigabytes.

*HDD is cheaper and more storage while SSD is faster, more durable, and uses less energy.

  • Memory/RAM(Random Access Memory) (Ex. 4GB, 8GB, 16GB) = How many different things your computer can do At The Same Time.

Ex. A computer with 4GB of RAM will probably shit itself if you try to play a game with with the internet open.



Shopping for laptops fucking sucks ‘cause I don’t know shit about computers. I’ve never had a computer with a functional webcam or microphone or the ability to play computer games made later than 2005 or a speaker that could play anything loud enough to hear from more than a foot away. How the hell should I know what I want?!

wow that would be such useful advice if only desktop PCs were small and portable and did not require desk tops on which to place them and I could take them with me when I traveled

  • Video/Graphics Cards (Ex. NVIDIA, Intel HD Graphics, AMD) = How much visual complexity your computer can handle without throwing a tantrum. Only important if you play video games, do digital art, or watch a lot of movies on your computer. (When you’re watching a video and it pixelates and lags when the action stuff happens, that’s a bad/small graphics card)

((Also they highly recommended gaming computers regardless of if I planned to play any games or not, because they were specifically designed to handle large programs quickly and efficiently. I know they’re expensive, but if you’re doing anything more than basic office work or scrolling through the internet, you can totally tell how much better they handle things. As someone who uses a lot of art/design/animation/rendering programs, having things work efficiently is super important.))

So much FUD goes into this computer shopping process. This is actually one of my video series ideas – demystifying the process of picking out a computer (or parts of one), as the number of people who make super expensive mistakes even while trying their best to do research is shameful.

Shameful on the part of laptop/desktop/component manufacturers, that is.








Concept: a D&D-style fantasy setting where humanity’s weird thing is that we’re the only sapient species that reproduces organically.

  • Dwarves carve each other out of rock. In theory this can be managed alone, but in practice, few dwarves have mastered all of the necessary skills. Most commonly, it’s a collaborative effort by three to eight individuals. The new dwarf’s body is covered with runes that are in part a recounting of the crafters’ respective lineages, and in part an elaboration of the rights and duties of a member of dwarven society; each dwarf is thus a living legal argument establishing their own existence.
  • Elves aren’t made, but educated. An elf who wishes to produce offspring selects an ordinary animal and begins teaching it, starting with house-breaking, and progressing through years of increasingly sophisticated lessons. By gradual degrees the animal in question develops reasoning, speech, tool use, and finally the ability to assume a humanoid form at will. Most elves are derived from terrestrial mammals, but there’s at least one community that favours octopuses and squid as its root stock.
  • Goblins were created by alchemy as servants for an evil wizard, but immediately stole their own formula and rebelled. New goblins are brewed in big brass cauldrons full of exotic reagents; each village keeps a single cauldron in a central location, and emerging goblings are raised by the whole community, with no concept of parentage or lineage. Sometimes they like to add stuff to the goblin soup just to see what happens – there are a lot of weird goblins.
  • Halflings reproduce via tall tales. Making up fanciful stories about the adventures of fictitious cousins is halfling culture’s main amusement; if a given individual’s story is passed around and elaborated upon by enough people, a halfling answering to that individual’s description just shows up one day. They won’t necessarily possess any truly outlandish abilities that have been attributed to them – mostly you get the sort of person of whom the stories could be plausible exaggerations.

To address the obvious question, yes, this means that dwarves have no cultural notion of childhood, at least not one that humans would recognise as such. Elves and goblins do, though it’s kind of a weird childhood in the case of elves, while with halflings it’s a toss-up; mostly they instantiate as the equivalent of a human 12–14-year-old, and are promptly adopted by a loose affiliation of self-appointed aunts and uncles, though there are outliers in either direction.

What about orcs?

The so-called goblinoid peoples are variations on the same formula, and may well emerge from the same cauldron, depending on who’s been screwing with the ingredients lately. They’re very morphologically plastic – it’s not unheard-of to encounter a kobold and an ogre who count each other as siblings.

Other fantasy races: “You ever hear about how humans reproduce? ?”

It really depends on the folks in question. Elves are of course familiar with sexual reproduction, since that’s how the animals they upllift themselves from do it – though most of them would prefer to keep that end of the business at arm’s length – and goblins know all about emerging into the world naked, screaming, and covered in noisome ichor; they just think the human way of doing it sounds awfully hard on the mom!

Anyway, noodling around with questions in the notes about “crossbreeding”:

  • The process of creating a dwarf requires that a majority of the contributing craftspeople be dwarves, or else it just doesn’t work, but otherwise there’s no particular rule against including non-dwarves. There’s a fair amount of leeway both in fashioning a dwarf’s physical form and in composing the documents inscribed upon its skin, so cross-species “parentage” is really about incorporating non-dwarven artistic and philosophical influences.
  • Elfhood is a matter of acculturation, so in principle anybody can become one. In practice, the learning process is considerably more difficult and time-consuming for creatures who already have their own sapience and culture, so conversion to elfhood is uncommon outside of cases like human fosterlings raised by elves, or a non-elf becoming an elf’s spouse. Such individuals may not be fully accepted in certain communities; “half-elf” is one of the politer pejoratives they’re saddled with.
  • You can make goblins that display “inherited” traits by using pieces of flesh as alchemical ingredients, but doing so with the flesh of other sapients is strongly frowned on. Using the flesh of animals to incorporate selected traits into the next generation is far more accepted, and in fact, some goblin communities do so strategically to meet local needs; for example, you can totally get a batch of arboreal goblins by just chucking a whole fucking squirrel into the pot.

I love the postulate that goblins are nice and wouldn’t be chucking whole live adventurers into the soup pot.

Hey, I said it was frowned on, not that it never happens!

(Besides, even in those communities that lack a taboo against eating things that talk, stuffing a whole adventurer into the cauldron isn’t a great idea because it would introduce too many volatile and potentially conflicting humours. Like, do you want the Grand Soupsmith to kick your ass?)

Anyway, by popular demand:

  • Gnomes, like many creatures of the earth,

    arise spontaneously when the proper conditions are met. Such conditions may occur naturally, but are more often arranged by other gnomes. At first tightly

    to their homes, gnomes can range further afield as they grow, with the passage to adulthood marked by the ability to “re-home” to a suitable dwelling with a simple ritual. As gnomes’ homes strongly influence their owners’ nature, most gnomes are very particular about their housekeeping!






Boring fact about me: I don’t eat red meat very often

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I don’t care as much about the taste of foods as I do the texture and have a really hard time separating mouth-feel from taste.