I love when straight cis women try to make fun of my partners “childish”/“unmanly” hobbies like collecting lego and collectible figures, meanwhile their husbands literally collect assault rifles and weapons and tactical gear they’re too stupid to use properly and I could out shoot their sedentary clumsy goofy asses despite not having stepped in a shooting range in nearly a decade

NOT TO MENTION my partner’s hobbies are actually safe and fun and fucking awesome, and he tries to make me feel included in them but doesn’t pressure me, and his face is cute as fuck when he’s happy and watching him patiently interact with children in the Lego store gives me baby fever ? but have fun with your gun swinging paranoid prepper white boy who can’t cook an egg

My husband was belittled and bullied by all of his previous partners into quitting his favorite hobby, collecting hot wheels.

Shortly after we started dating a dear friend of mine who was a lifetime collector passed away, leaving me with his collection. When my now-husband helped me go through them he mentioned how he used to collect them with his father, and it broke my heart to hear the sadness in his voice as he talked about it.

I told him that my friend would have loved for his collection to go to someone who was just as passionate about them as he was rather than to an estate sale or on ebay.

The following Valentines day I bought him a hot wheels car with his other gift and he lit up like it was Christmas. From that point on it became just something we did together, digging through hot wheels bins and garage sales. I even have a small collection of Dino-themed hot wheels of my own!

Now he collects and customizes them, sells some to his friends in the hobby to support his “habit” as he calls it hahaha. He has over a thousand in his collection now, He even got into carpentry so that he could build display cases for them!

Anyway I love men, especially when they have hobbies that are “weird” or “childish”

If someone makes you ditch your “weird” or “childish” hobbies they don’t deserve to be in your life. Let them go back to their sad boring ways alone.

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