Boring fact about me: I don’t eat red meat very often

@deanobeanoqueero @elliechan @nia23 and anyone else, what’s your boring fact about yourself

@poetic-fiasco thank you for tagging me xo much love

Boring fact about me: I sleep with a weighted blanket and it’s amazing. 

@irishsong @ohdearhiddles @ivegotdimpleswhenismile what’s a boring fact about you? I’d love to know.

Thanks @mostlikelyace!!!

I eat bananas because they’re quick to eat

I’ll tag my almonds @skater-sides @im-just-a-peach

I love soft things. Blankets, pillows, fuzzy sweaters, slippers etc. ?

@prionailurus @dyeawkward @should-be-sleeping your turn

If it’s just for me, I make and drink weak coffee.

Tag yourselves? Also @thewhiteboardofkanjisan, @kriatyrr, @aetherspoon, @linesinthesand I guess.

I don’t care as much about the taste of foods as I do the texture and have a really hard time separating mouth-feel from taste.

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