when i was a kid i resented all the “homemaker” (aka basic human survival) skills i picked up – sewing, crochet, cooking, cleaning, what-have-you – because they were taught to me under the assumption that 1. i was a girl and 2. i would be a stay-at-home mother someday, and being expected to do and be all that shit pushed my dysphoria right over the edge

of course i realized down the line that having these skills is totally unrelated to gender and it all came in VERY handy because men need to know how to do those things too, duh, and now i just feel bad for the cis guys who can’t sew one button onto some pants because everyone in their lives who could have taught them neglected to do so on account of their gender

idk what the point of this post is but if any parents ever see it, please teach your sons cooking and cleaning and sewing! teach your daughters how to change the oil on their cars and fix a leaky sink! don’t restrict your childrens’ knowledge based on stupid gender roles! someday they’re going to need those skills and they will look back and thank you for not limiting them

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