This is Raovem, a.k.a. “New Cat.”

He showed up in my yard summer 2020, asking for help, so I gave him food. He was really timid back then, but I gave him food and patience, and as time wore on, his flight distance kept decreasing until I could finally pet him while he was eating. Wasn’t long after that he started coming inside occasionally, but he’d get anxious if I closed the door behind him. I’d catch him sleeping in my bed sometimes. Now he’s there almost every night.

Unlike all previous guest kitties, Rao is friendly towards my cats (although the feeling is not mutual), so there’s no reason he can’t just stay here.

He must have had a home as a kitten, though, as he is completely socialized. But he is not neutered and he doesn’t have a microchip, so whoever had him before has probably abandoned him. Or I could have accidentally stolen someone’s cat I guess.

I think he’s around 2 or 3 years old.

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