ADHD life hacks #41,279: Vegetable Management

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Tweets by Sheepwave ( @sheepycute ): Do you have ADHD and because the veggies and other stuff that goes bad in your fridge doesn’t exist in your memory if you can’t see it, you end up throwing stuff out constantly?

Fifteen dollars of stick on magnets and writable cards and we haven’t thrown out vegetables once ?

[Attached photo one: The fridge in question, magnets in use. Image two: Magnets in the process of being made. Magnets feature a simple drawing of the item in question (onion, avocado, bell pepper, cauliflower, etc) as well as the name of the item. End photo description.]

Anything we have is on the left and anything we don’t is on the right. Stuff that goes bad in less than a few days is above the line. It’s a fantastic system. Plus I have a few hundred leftover cards I draw tokens on LOL

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