This week I learned that 2/3 of American teens don’t even know that 6 million Jews were murdered in the holocaust.

This is so shocking to me, as this might be one of the biggest events in human history.

I wanted to share my photos from my trip to Poland, where there used to live the biggest Jewish community, a community that today is nonexistent.

The ‘grave’ of the famous teacher Janusz Korczak, who said he prefers to die with his orphanage children when given a chance to escape the death camp:

A famous synagogue, that is now a museum due to lack of Jewish people that can operate it:

Auschwitz, 2014, after the nazis made sure to hide the existence of the death camp back when they left it:

Real suitcases of Jewish people who got to Auschwitz, most of them probably died in a gas chamber moments after they gave away their belongings:

(At this point we were asked to not take any pictures, so I can’t show you the hair art the nazis made out of Jewish hair)

As part of a ceremony we did, we created a small monument with peace and remembrance in our minds. Mine is a growing tree with roots, to show how we grow using our history as guidance:

Today we have names of 3 million Jews who died in the holocaust, documented by friends and families. The other 3 million are unknown, because there was no one to remember them- their entire family and friends circle died with them.

I have my own family story, and my own grandfather is a holocaust survivor. It’s hard to find Jewish people who don’t have a holocaust story to tell because every single Jewish person has some connection to a descendant of a holocaust survivor, or is himself a descendant of a holocaust survivor.

There are 6 million Jewish people living in Israel today. Around 75 years after the holocaust. You do the math.

Please, remember this event. Please, don’t downplay it. This is not another illuminati conspiracy. This is history, it has evidence, and if we don’t learn from it we will get there again in no time.

Thank you for reading.

The lack of notes is disturbing.

The 2/3rds number is one of those “not telling the truth by telling the strict truth” statistics that people need to watch out about.

The study was specifically asking teens how many people died in the holocaust with a multiple choice answer. Meaning, yes, 2/3rds of teens said a number that wasn’t six million – as in some thought it might have been a bit more, some a bit less, not that 2/3rds of teens didn’t realize that millions died in the holocaust.

The number was more like 30% thought that fewer than two million people had died. Yes, that’s still really concerning and the study had a lot of other concerning statistics in it, but it isn’t 2/3rds of teens don’t think the holocaust wasn’t a big thing. If you had asked me as a young teenager, I probably would have said a number larger than six million too.
Source: The actual study, http://www.claimscon.org/millennial-study/

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