idk if uquizzes are still a thing that anyone cares about, but my love for quizzes will never die, so i’m back with another one! i made a dnd class quiz focused more around personality and mindset and less about what abilities you’d like to have in the game. 

also, if anyone is interested in a subclass quiz for any of the classes, let me know! i’m totally down to make those, i just don’t know which class to start with haha

link to the quiz in reblog

Which DND class suits your personality?

I got Artificier and IRL I make robots so this quiz is? Shockingly accurate?

Your Result: Paladin

“You’re an idealistic person who is not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You’ve got strong opinions and you are fully prepared to back up those opinions with your fists, if necessary. Sometimes you might come on a bit strong, but you always have good intentions. You’re very determined and you don’t back down easily. You have a protective side and, ultimately, you’re just trying to make the world a better place.”

Surprisingly, Cleric. I expected Bard.

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