“Orc rogue is terrible at stealth” is a classic gag, but I’ve always preferred taking it to the opposite extreme, because turning around and suddenly there’s this absolutely enormous fucker all up in your personal space with no clear indication of how they managed to approach undetected or how long they’ve been standing there will never stop being funny.

That’s a thing I like doing when building characters, partially because I have SUCH a hard time coming up with them – I play with expectations. My beloved squishy caster, my red dragon bloodline sorc, was a half-orc (and half-elf, but that’s another story). No one thinks about or looks at a half-orc and thinks squishy charismatic caster, and yet a 10 str/con 20 cha squishy caster she was. There was burninating. So much burninating.

Not only do I love doing that, but I’ve done it /in character/ even.
My warlock (Endil Korvin) is a charismatic Aasimar woman. The stereotypes look to be all there – a dainty beautiful woman who looks to be completely out of her element and slightly clueless; the pinnacle of the squishy caster stereotype. Endil plays it up as much as she can, especially with a constant effect of Disguise Self at will (she doesn’t even know what she really looks like).

Coming up in game, where the DM asked which of us looks the weakest – it is absolutely Endil with the dainty / slightly clueless look. The thief that was with us betrayed us and played “gank the caster” with a poisoned dagger. Which doesn’t work so well against the 18 DEX / 18 CON Warlock that has a wee bit of an anger problem.

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