“I think I pissed off Elder Maxson” edition.

You know how when you build the Molecular Interceptor with the Railroad or the Minutemen, there’s that tube that bursts loose and starts wiggling when you are about to teleport? And how that doesn’t happen when you do it with the Brotherhood? I used to chalk that up to Proctor Ingram’s competence, but consider this:

The Brotherhood of Steel have better resources. They use Military-Grade Duct Tape instead of regular.

Another thing: You can build the interceptor at any outdoor settlement in the Commonwealth. It doesn’t have to be at the airport. And Proctor Ingram and Elder Maxson will be at the build site. I just love making Maxson travel to the far reaches of the ‘wealth, like Murkwater Construction site for instance. This time I picked Abernathy Farm, because it’s the first that came to mind when I thought of the wide open spaces I’d need. (Can you imagine trying to build it at Hangman’s Alley?)

And also because there is a glitch in my game where Caretaker hangs out at Abernathy Farm instead of Mercer Safehouse (Outpost Zimonja in this instance).

Fun fact: Ingram and Maxson walk instead of taking a vertibird.

Another fun fact: The pathfinding AI hasn’t come that far since Oblivion (Hieronymus Lex had all the pathfinding abilities of a first-generation Roomba on his journey to Anvil) – Maxson and Ingram get stuck on the bridge before coming up to County Crossing. 

So I targeted Maxson in the console and teleported him a little bit further so he could continue. I wanted to see him in action. I was going to follow him the entire way.

We were barely even attacked. The first attack came at County Crossing. I barely got to fire a shot because the cluster of Heavy Laser Turrets put on quite the laser show and then it was over. We were attacked by a few glowing dogs near Greentop Nursery.

Coming up to the Malden area, I started to think.. “the elder really should be better protected than his 50 ballistic resistance battlecoat” and that’s when I saw the trash bins scattered about. I couldn’t resist.

So we went on that way for a while. I amused myself further by trying to stack tires and road cones on top of the trash can, but he couldn’t keep them on for long.

The trash bin fell off a couple of times, particularly going uphill. After the third time, I stopped bothering trying to put it back. The last stretch isn’t a particularly dangerous one.

We eventually arrived at the build site at Abernathy Farm. Ingram was somehow already there. I built the rest of the interceptor, talked to Ingram, and she told me to talk to Maxson before she throws the switch and.. the Elder will not talk to me. “I’ll send for you if I need you” he says. “I can’t talk right now, I have a lot on my mind”

I can probably setstage myself past this hitch. Tried going on a scavenging run over to Nuka World in case I just needed to enter a different worldspace to set things straight – the fine folks at Bethesda probably didn’t expect someone to do this..

but he still won’t talk to me.

On a side note, what kind of a dumbass thinks he can just walk across the entire commonwealth with just a standard laser rifle and four stimpaks? (I used the console to look at his inventory since the game doesn’t let you pickpocket him – damn you Bethesda I want that coat but I don’t want to kill him to get it)

I bet the real reason he never sleeps is so you can’t Sandman kill him either.

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