It makes me so angry that people think that children cannot be mentally ill … they’re little human beings with the same exact emotions as adults, they just have smaller bodies.

It isn’t that far fetched. His mom is amazing for being there for him.


hold on a fucking second. delaware is a state?? i thought it was a river? or is the river more important than the state? why don’t i know this? (i should mention i don’t like in america, i’m just confused)


























there is delaware (state) and delaware (river) 

both are equally strange

the state is a tiny little cryptid thing

the rive is a monster that spans new york, pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. also washington crossed it once and that was like kinda a big deal i guess. like crossing the rubicon in rome.

the state tries to me more important with its “im the first state!!!” bs (seriously its even on the fucking license plates) but we all know. its the river.


i thought delaware was a place in ohio? why are there so many things named delaware?

delaware is too powerful

what the fuck

Wait what? I thought Delaware was a store with building supplies. Like paint, wood, nails and stuff?


I know home depot, but dude I don’t know anything about America mad have never been there. Are you sure there is not a some sort of store called something close to Delaware!?!

…..ace hardware….?

this post has only been around for a few hours but could very well be a world heritage post

but at what cost

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he WHAT? i thought he was from. w. wait. ???

delaware stole the presidents shoelaces for clout and became too powerful

From the UK- and what do you mean Delaware isn’t a type of ceramic?

it is now

@hellsite-hall-of-fame is it too early?

Isn’t delaware what they make computers on???

software ??

I think they meant Dell Ware, a specific computer type. We had a Dell computer once.

I thought Delaware was that famous singer they spoofed in Zootopia.


i am speechless

Don’t tell them about Rhode Island…







D 24567 A-F

I love breakfast but there is only one type of poptart and don’t like the roof of my mouth shredded to ribbons ?

X 0 D/C+A/F

sugar-coated sugar isn’t appealing. at all. pop-tarts are TOO SWEET. if I HAD to choose one of those cereals, 6 is possibly least offensive, but I’m not sure since I don’t eat any of them. ever.

give me savory food for breakfast. I’ll accept waffles or a bit of french toast on the side, but they’re not what I want to fill my stomach, I’ll just feel sick afterwards.

or yogurt. you could give me plain yogurt (don’t want the sugar added that comes with the flavors, it’s unnecessary, I’ll add stuff to it myself).

I have been an old man since I was a little girl, in case it wasn’t clear.

D0F. I seemingly can’t tolerate savory that early in the morning for some reason, but I’m a huge fan of french toast.

Well, unless if the waffles are from Waffle House, then it is D0A.

I dislike cereal of all varieties, regardless of sugar content. For some reason, pop tarts are fine.









we’re having a Snow Day, which is fine.

except it’s NOT bc the huge shift in atmospheric pressure has rendered my autistic brain completely useless for the foreseeable future. all services have been shut down. the roads are closed and so are my neural pathways

when you said atmospheric pressure shut down your brain it took me a second to realize you meant the atmosphere as in how tense school is compared to how calm home is, and not that autistic people have some kind of internal barometer that is attached to their brain.

nope, I’m literally talking about barometric pressure!

for those who aren’t aware, autistic/adhd brains are sensitive to barometric pressure shifts. changes in atmospheric pressure (like those caused by rain) effect our blood oxygen levels in a way that messes with our brains. sudden changes in weather can exacerbate our symptoms, making us irritable, lethargic, anxious, twitchy, overwhelmed etc, while our brains work overtime to adjust to the change. it’s just one of the ways that environmental factors other people take for granted (weather, noise, overhead music, lights, etc) can affect our lives in ways people don’t expect.

so yeah, we basically do carry around internal barometers, attached to very loud alarms!

… I knew the weather pressure gave me migraines and made my joints ache, but are you actually telling me it’s also the reason for why I can’t power through my migraines like I can at other times? What the fuck.

Okay, I managed to find something that wasn’t a link to someone’s blog, and is  on the CHADD website. Migraines and ADHD can often be comorbid for a lot of us, which I kinda guessed might be a thing. And given the overlap between Autism and ADHD, I’d say it’s a safe bet to speculate that migraines are also more common in Autistic folk as well.

Migraines, unlike headaches, are a neurological disorder that affects multiple aspects of the body. Including our blood pressure and our ability to regulate emotion. They can also cause sensitivity to sound, light and movement. So things that you were handling just fine a while ago, become completely overwhelming. Mood swings and depression can sometimes be a warning sign that a migraine attack is coming (prodrome), and they can also happen after a migraine attack (postdrome) as the body comes down from whatever chemical rollercoaster of misery it’s just been on. And weather change is absolutely a trigger.

This is purely speculation on my part, but it might be possible that the weather changes are triggering silent migraines (migraine without headache). Which means some folks might actually have migraines and not be aware of it, but it might also mean they could benefit from migraine treatment to prevent their bodies going on aforementioned misery rollercoaster every time the weather changes. They might also not have migraines. But the trigger switch might be the same for certain things, and the meds used for treating migraines might be helpful in terms of regulation, in the same way how certain blood pressure meds have been shown to help ADHD better than some anti-depressants. 

Hmm. I wonder. I might bring this up with my specialist and see if she has any info on it.

…well fuck. Knowing this sure would’ve made high school A LOT FUCKING EASIER.