(or: an ask meme made to supplement a lack of new ask memes)

  1. why did they choose their class(es)? their subclass(es)?
  2. before they met their party, what was their main goal?
  3. what is their goal right now?
  4. if they could learn one spell that isn’t available to them at present, which spell would it be?
  5. do they follow a higher power? what are their thoughts on divinity?
  6. which party member do they relate to the most?
  7. which party member do they understand the least?
  8. what are three songs that suit them?
  9. do they care about their appearance? how much effort do they put into presentation?
  10. how often do they lie? what situations cause them to be dishonest?
  11. what skills are they proficient in? why?
  12. have they ever been in love?
  13. what do they dislike about themself? why?
  14. what is something they love about themself?
  15. do they trust their party? why or why not?
  16. what are their feelings on the people who raised them?
  17. what do they dream about, when their dreams are their own?
  18. do they see themself as a leader or a follower?
  19. what haunts them? what doesn’t?
  20. which of the five senses do they rely the most on?
  21. do they follow their head, their heart, or their body?
  22. what is a promise they’ve broken?
  23. how do they feel about nicknames, titles, or labels that have been given to them? how do they feel about their name?
  24. which of the four elements speaks to them the most?
  25. what stories do they like to tell? what stories do they like to hear?
  26. who do they miss?
  27. how do they mourn?
  28. who would they kill? who would they kill for?
  29. who would they save? who would they be saved by?
  30. what do they seek out from others?
  31. they’re given a blank piece of paper–what do they do with it?
  32. do they seek control, or do they want less of it?
  33. what makes them cry?
  34. which party member do they go to in a crisis?
  35. which party member do they worry for?
  36. what’s a secret they’ve kept?
  37. what is their favorite thing to hold?
  38. what do they smell like?
  39. are their hands calloused, soft, or something else entirely?
  40. do they enjoy poetry?
  41. what are they attracted to in other people?
  42. what are three words they would use to describe themself?
  43. why do they fight?
  44. what do they need to learn?
  45. how do they hug people?
  46. what do they deprive themself of?
  47. when they meet someone, what is the first thing they notice?
  48. what do they see in their future?
  49. what makes them smile?
  50. can they sing? can they dance?
  51. what is the most beautiful thing in the world, for them?
  52. from whom do they seek validation?
  53. which is more frightening to them: day or night?
  54. what was their education like?
  55. whose hand do they reach out for?
  56. what animal do they most relate to?
  57. what makes them angry?
  58. what do they think their role in the party is? what is their role in actuality?
  59. what is a quiet passion of theirs?
  60. do they whisper or yell more often?
  61. what kind of flower would they choose to pick from a meadow?
  62. outside of otherworldly forces, what do they believe in?
  63. what fight has scared them the most?
  64. do they value mercy or justice more?
  65. what is holding them back?
  66. who makes them feel warm?
  67. what makes them laugh?
  68. what was the best moment of their life?
  69. how would they describe their party members?

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