Me at a meeting in person: careful, look attentive! Do. not. doodle. on the provided paper. Stop fidgeting with your necklace. Great, you’re not listening, are you?

Me at a meeting on Teams, webcam off: listening to every single word while peacefully mending my pants and socks like a woman in a Middle Age painting lost in her embroidery.












im actually speechless

I actually did this for math finals

For my English essay we were allowed a sheet of notes so I literally spent a week developing THE perfect essay and then summarising each paragraph into one line of shorthand in tiny writing 100%, A*

in US Government last year our teacher said we could have one notecard to use as a cheat sheet and gave us a whole packet (meaning like 10 pages) of things that would be on our test. he said, and i quote, “there is no way to fit everything youre going to need on there so you better study”
 i fit every last piece of info on that card and didnt study at all
i got an a

moral of the story: dont tell me what i can and cannot do

before my midterm in Modern Physics, my teacher told us a story about how one kid kept switching glasses during an exam. he walked over and the kid had red glasses and blue glasses and kept switching between them because he wrote his notecard in red and blue ink. he made a 3d note card.

y’all do realize, that with the intense effort it takes to plan and create these sheets, that you’re studying, right? you’re totally studying. love, a TA.

The best way to study even if you can’t bring a cheat sheet is to make a cheat sheet and write everything you would write on one if you could have one. It’s an awesome method!

‘but what you’re doing here is studying. its still studying, that exact thing you didnt want to do before…?’

‘yeah but see this is powered by hubris and spite, so like… it’s better’



Well, that’s a profoundly bullshit update to the terms, YouTube. (adblock. adblock and support creators directly) I hope they fuck it up badly enough that they get their asses sued.

“Right to Monetize

You grant to YouTube the right to monetize your Content on the Service (and such monetization may include displaying ads on or within Content or charging users a fee for access). This Agreement does not entitle you to any payments.”

Pisses me off. I intentionally made sure I was opted out of the Partner program back when they offered it to channels my size (I’m not eligible anymore) specifically because I didn’t want anyone to watch ads. I’m not making videos for money, I’m making videos because I want to share things with people.

Now YouTube has decided to add ads… unless if you’re a Partner, where you have a completely different deal and can actually chose things for ads.

Please just adblock the crap out of them. I’m quite aware that YouTube costs a lot of money in terms of bandwidth to run, but they already make hand over fist in money from the large channels, they don’t need to monetize everyone. Hell, I doubt they’d even make more than a few cents over the entire lifetime of my channel; it doesn’t even make sense for them to do this.







“Good cops”

I need this to be watched by the masses.

This is the simplest explination ever and people still don’t wanna hear it.

Close up video of a black man with glasses and a red t-shirt

“I hate when discussing police brutality people like to say ‘but there are good cops too,’ there are good cops too?

Fam, there’s clean water. If I live in a house where the tap water is coming out dirty sometimes I don’t just say ‘well, it’s not always dirty so it’s okay, nothing wrong.’ No! I need to replace the system, I need to examine the system at the source so my water is clean and acting like water every single time.

The idea of a police man is to be good so if he’s not acting like that and if more policeman aren’t acting like that we got a system to examine.
Cause see tap water systems in houses- tap water systems have filters that are supposed to stop, uh, the dirt from coming through, when the water comes out of our sink and into my cup I’m supposed to be able to trust that that water is safe for me to drink on sight, I’m not supposed to have to, to test it at all. Same thing with a police man– I’m supposed to see a man with a badge and trust him on sight and know justice and nothing but pure things is supposed to come from him.

So when there is a possibility of that not being done there’s crap getting through the filter—we gotta fix this filter!
So if that water in my house is coming out dirty sometimes and clean sometimes, when I pour a cup of water I have a reason to be worried until I fix that system, until something changes I have a reason to be nervous when I pour a cup of water from the sink and I look at it am I like ‘is this gonna be a dirty glass of water or is it gonna be clean? Is this gonna be a bad cop or a good cop? ‘I shouldn’t even have to worry about that, I should see a cop and know for a fact that’s gonna be a clean cup of water, everytime I see him.”

@saxifraga-x-urbium transcript!

This is the best explanation I’ve seen on this. I tried to use the bad apple example before and it didn’t work because people don’t realize you’re supposed to destroy bad apples as soon as you find them to prevent spread.

This water explanation is simpler and cleaner. We need to fix the systems and update the filters.


Necromancy can be done with consent (before AND after death) while a swath of enchantment is explicitly non-consensual.

Necromancers in my D&D setting are some of the most trusted mages in the land, as they provide essential services such as allowing people to speak with their fallen loved ones, investigating crimes, and get very angry when people abuse those gifts. It helps that their patron deity is the Young Goddess, a CG deity of exploration, curiosity, knowledge, and aid.

One of the already-revealed major villains of the campaign is Bertrum (they never found his body), a sociopathic Enchanter who nearly succeeded in charming the city council into killing each other.




at no point during this video did i know what was about to happen next.

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.“

I feel sick just from *thinking* about how sickly sweet all that shit is.