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There’s a vaccine now. I know because my brother was born in 2005. By the time he entered 3rd grade I realized he had never had the chicken pox in all that time. I go to my mom like “ain’t it about time he had the chicken pox? What’s happening here?” She tells me he got vaccinated. It’s apart of the immunization shots kids get to go to school. Of course my mind was blown. Chicken pox was a right of passage when I was growing up and they’ve just eradicated it. Wow.

The vaccine was released WHILE I WAS HOME FROM SCHOOL WITH CHICKEN POX. Do you know how mad I was

i have fond memories of being the neighborhood chicken pox typhoid mary. i got an asymptomatic case. i had like… 2 pox. i got to watch my little brother and all my friends turn into itchy sobbing bath cryptids while i suffered not at all. i kinda feel like several of them were still getting revenge years later, in hindsight.

in seriousness though, it was occasionally dangerous, and even when it wasn’t, it left scars that really ruined some kids’ self-esteem. vaccines are so great. like not that anyone outside the tinfoil hat contingent is doubting that right now, but i just had to say it. they’re so great? i’m so proud of humanity sometimes. we really did that!

Yeah I got it like a week before I was supposed to be vaccinated in prep.

Fuck that bitch whose parents brought her to school while she had it so they could grab some craft she left behind.

If you’re not 100% sure if you had it, or you only had a very mild case, make sure you get the vaccine anyway. (Getting chicken pox more than once is unusual, but it can happen – particularly if you’re under chronic stress or your immune system is weaker.) And make sure you vaccinate your kids, even if you think “Oh, nobody gets that anymore”.

If an older person who had chicken pox as a child develops shingles, they’re shedding the varicella virus. Which means an unvaccinated person can catch it from them.

I had chicken pox for the SECOND time at age 25, after having a very mild case as a toddler, and oh my god it sucked so much. It’s a lot more dangerous when you’re an adult, and can cause long-lasting problems.

I was one of the oldest kids required to get the vaccine! My high school required students to either have already had it or be vaccinated. I’m likely naturally immune to it given the sheer number of opportunities to get it when I was a kid, but far better to be safe than sorry. In fact, I actually received a booster shot in my mid-20s because Science advanced and it became a two course vaccination.



Op is denying us the fucking golden replies to this tweet omg

When i had breast reduction surgery, i got into the OR and got put on this table that looked like a flat crucifix (arms out so they could get to the girls), and i said ‘god, don’t nail me down’

they put the mask on my face and the nurse said ‘no jesus treatment today’

and the last thing i said to her was ‘jesus with some big ass titties’ and then passed out. 

I had one of those counting down situations, where the anesthesiologist had me counting down from 10. I still remember the look on his face when I made it to negative three. Next thing I remember was waking up in the middle of the operation, hearing the phrase “Oh Shit” and passing out again. And that’s the story of how I found out that I’m resistant to anesthesia!

There are a couple of things that brought me to my love of geography, history, the various cultures of the world, and the differences between how people grew up. The gameshow of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? is the first of those two things.

Given the premiere date, I think I must have accidentally started catching the show right in the beginning of season 1; I remember watching it when I went to the neighbor next door to my grandparents’ house, and that would have been late 1991. It didn’t take long before my father got me a (pirated) version of the PC game. I was given a legit version of the deluxe game a year or so later.

It was the only thing that made me wish I was still living in New York City (where it was filmed), as it seems young-kid-aetherspoon was extremely good at understanding things like geography. Turns out, young-kid-aetherspoon (along with young-adult aetherspoon and current-day-aetherspoon, for that matter) hyper-focused in geography and history, with this being the first real exposure I had to the former. I loved it SO MUCH and always wished I had been on that show.

After watching the video, all of those memories came flooding back. I even started singing along with the songs that I had long since forgotten! I’m glad to see that there was no behind-the-scenes drama going on, or reasons why my favs were troubling, or anything other than “they messed up once and let the kid back on the next season”.

The second one of those things that brought me to my love of geography, for reference, was December of 1991 when my class put on a school pageant demonstrating the various winter holidays and traditions all throughout the world. We each were given countries of our respective ancestries – being of Irish and Native American* ancestry, I was to cover Ireland and the British Isles. Most of my classmates ended up covering locales in Central and South America, with some covering various other regions in the world that needed additional coverage by my primarily-latinx-or-black class. In addition, I gave the opening lines of Christmas and other Winter Holiday traditions in the pageant, being given a little booklet to say my lines out of instead of memorizing. Turns out, I memorized them anyway based on physical placement (young-adult-aetherspoon used this in theater later), so I memorized a few pages of lines and information and continued on.

My teacher, however, was worried for one student (I want to say her name was Janna?) who had come into class a bit late. She was born in Finland and didn’t know anyone in the class, so my teacher asked me if I was willing to do another country as well, joining Janna on stage during that section. I knew where Finland was on a map (because of watching Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, of course), along with the other countries of Scandinavia, so we covered all of them. I went down to the library to do research (which I’m pretty sure was useless, but the thought counts) on things, and performed in that pageant. 

Holding a candle, experiencing my first bit of pyrophobia in my life, but I performed!

Anyway, I thought I’d throw in a happy memory today for you all, from eight year old me. Yay.

* DNA testing later on says this is false, but this was the family belief at the time.