He made Elder Scrolls mods. It started as a bit of fun and a way to explore goblin caves as research for his book Snuff, and turned into so much more.




The main difference – the real difference, the difference that sums up all the other differences – between JK Rowling and Terry Pratchett is that when presented with the internet, Rowling made tweets

Pratchett made Elder Scrolls mods

Vilja is the best companion mod for Oblivion and I’ll metaphorically fight anyone who says otherwise.





i too have a pressing question: why are straights like this

“I came here to celebrate your loving relationship but actual demonstrations of that love gross me out so please, when you’re kissing your new spouse, remember to always be conscious of the fact that your love for each other is a bit icky and we don’t really want to see it.” 

*goes to a same-gender wedding* umm tag ur PDA

Will there be a drag show?



Please give me your most no-brainer day-to-day survival tips that someone from a Hot Place wouldn’t know, I beg of you

…just how no-brainer do you need? Like “wear layers”? Jeans aren’t good for cold, especially if they can get wet. Blocking wind can matter more than just “this keeps me warm”, since it’ll cut right through looser weaves of clothes, no matter how thick or warm they seem INside (I have a hoodie I love that does nothing for me if there’s even a cold breeze). Lined gloves – the stretchy cotton things are…cute (I even have some), and alright when it’s only ‘cool’, but they will not save your poor hands if you’re out in the cold, especially not when shoveling snow or scraping your windshield.

That the kind of thing you mean?

As a refugee from a hot place that lives in a cold place…

1) Don’t put your heat up too high overnight. Not only is it comfy to hide under several dozen blankets, but it’ll also let you have less of a shock when you walk outside.

2) Wind and Wet are your enemies in cold. You’ll feel warmer in super cold dry/non-windy weather than cold-windy or cold-wet. So pay more attention to the Windchill than the actual temperature. Also, see other comments for avoiding getting wet.

3) Snow is fun. Light snow is perfectly fine to be out in. Watch out when you get too cold for snow though, as that’s bitterly cold.

4) Don’t eat yellow snow. Or any snow that isn’t falling from the sky.

5) If you have a garage, you can store beverages that are supposed to be cold in there rather than a fridge – it’ll probably be about the same temperature.

6) If you have a basement, it’ll be roughly the same temperature year-round regardless of heat or cold.


She had always been something of a figure of fun. Obscurata, with her melodramatic latin name and power to make darkness, who robbed banks and liquor stores and could be foiled by a teenager in a home-made costume. 

Tank had encountered her years ago, when he was a teenager in a homemade costume, and foiled her on his second attempt. It was almost a rite of passage – if you could take on Obscurata, you were ready for the life. Anyone who couldn’t take her down in five or six attempts tended to quit. 

It had been a surprise to see that rippling dark cape here, and a disappointment. He had… not a fondness, exactly, but a soft spot for Obscurata. She wasn’t one of the really bad ones. Older heroes steered the young ones towards her, knowing that they’d come out of a fight with her bruised but whole. She never killed. She never even seriously harmed. He hated to see her working with the Claw, who did. 

He tried not to let it distract him. Claw had taken a girl – Lily, one of a trio of new-minted girl heroes – in Tank’s city. He’d been keeping an eye on the girls, and he’d dropped everything to go in pursuit when he realized it was Claw who had Lily. Obscurata might have bruised and frightened her a little, but Claw’s captives usually wound up dead… or worse. 

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You work as the minor villain every new hero has to beat for their first battle.