Reblogging for one of the best analogies of this election cycle I’ve ever read.


Joe Biden is chemo. Chemo sucks and sorta tries to kill you, but you take it because it kills your cancer faster.

The current state of affairs with regards to how the country’s being run? Cancer. 

Bernie Sanders would have been a surgery that cuts the tumor out without long-term damage, but from the looks of it we’re at the point where that’s not a viable option.

Not voting is essential oils: it smells nice and does nothing.



Listen, I liked Sanders. But the Supreme Court is the only thing I care about right now.

If you vote for anyone that isn’t the Democrat nominee, we are looking at a 7-2 right-wing SCOTUS. For how long? 30-40 YEARS.

RBG is 87. Breyer is 81. Chances of them making it to 2024 are not great.

For the record, I think this system is FUCKED and this isn’t how SCOTUS composition should be decided, but it is how it is right now.

If you care about the rights of women, of minorities of any kind, you really need to vote for the democrat nominee. No third parties or write ins. No abstaining. And for crying out loud, no assuming that Trump won’t win even if you don’t vote. VOTE BLUE.



The rest of the world: So… you’re a big country?

The states, standing on each other’s shoulders: Y- yes,,,


Do non-americans realize that the United States is literally just a bunch of countries in a trench coat that agreed to be semi-nice to each other in order to sneak into the Big Boy Club? Because let’s be honest that’s just what the USA is

I love how everyone who’s reblogged this hasn’t added anything on or tagged anything on it. They’re all just like “Yeah. That’s it. That’s the entire United States summed up in one post-”