Being working class is like this:

ummmmmm(: maybe if you spent a little bit less money on frivolous luxuries like entertainment (: you wouldn’t be a stupid broke bitch who deserves to be poor(: just some friendly advice(:

“All it takes to be successful is hard work! You gotta pull yourself up by the bootstraps and stop being lazy!” -Millionaire politician who is the son of another millionaire

This is an oversimplification and a bad graphic.

That’s literally my expenses. I took a screenshot of what the app I use to track my spending is telling me.

It’s my actual lived experience holy shit.

I can’t get over this. This isn’t some random graphic pulled from a think tank or political organization, this is the actual reality I live with day to day.

“Um sowwy sweaty, but this is bad and your experience is fake because I say so”

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