God I really wish carrying stuffed animals around with you was socially acceptable

I don’t mean to take over a post, but I actually did a project on this for my sociology of deviance class in college!

I carried a large stuffed rabbit whenever I went in public for about a week to observe the reaction of others. The point of the project was to do something harmless yet unusual to see if the action would be considered deviant, in which case someone had to try to correct or shame the behavior.

Long story short, nobody tried to correct my behavior. I was asked about it casually, had a few lingering stares thrown my way and when I was with my boyfriend, shop employees would direct questions to him instead of me. However, nobody refused to assist me when I was alone in a store, nobody said anything about the rabbit besides “oh, thats a cute bunny!” and I attended college classes without even a teacher questioning it.

In conclusion, it is socially acceptable to carry a stuffed animal, its just not a societal norm. ^^

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My friend gave me a stuffed monkey plushy when I was struggling with uni, and I took him everywhere for like four years, usually velcrod to my backpack. No one said a damn thing, except my renaissance professor who saw it one day in the hallway and cracked the fuck up because I had a literal monkey on my back and he just looked at me like, “oh god, me too”. I used to leave him on desks during classes and exams (the monkey, not my prof). It was my reminder that someone cared if I was coping. But more than that it was soothing to have something to fidget with that wasn’t a pen. I used to ping those fucking things across the room I was so agitated. Harder to hurt people with a projectile stuffed monkey.

I got what I thought was a normal screen cleaning kit for my computer while I was in college. Much to my delight, instead of a little washcloth or whatever, the kit came with a tiny stuffed pig. 

So I carried this pig in my backpack all through college, periodically taking it out, spraying my screen, and using the pig to wipe it off. 

Now, I kept the pig in the side pocket of my bag where he was completely visible.

Then one day in screenwriting class I pulled him out to wipe my screen. 

One of the guys sitting next to me looked appalled. “You’re wiping it off with your little stuffed animal??” 

I explained what the pig was. 

Turns out, the guy had noticed it and just thought it was adorable I carried a stuffed animal with me every day. He’d never mentioned it before. 

Honestly, people do not care, and will not say anything. No matter the reason for your little stuffed animal friend. 

And if you’re still really nervous about it keep a stuffed animal keychain on your bag. I have a cute little frog that stays on my backpack so when work gets stressful I can squeeze it.

For my anxious followers.

I love this so much. It reminds me that people can just be accepting, and if they aren’t – it’s by their choice. It isn’t a default.

I’ve seen people in college wearing pjs and art students always carry weird atuff. I saw a person in a suit by the math building holding what looked like a keychain with three if those fuzzy ball things in different colours and no one said a word. Bring your plushies and friends with you! Heck, if you have an office job you can bring a friend with you and keep them on your desk and if you work retail you can find a friend on a keychain and keep them on your belt, no one will care and you’re little friend can help you feel better!

Don’t let society bully you into changing. Inagead, lets change society into being accepting.

Back before I got sick, one of the supervisors (middle aged white guy) at my job at the time (call center) and I talked about Lovecraft…so one day he brought in his stuffed Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep in to work. I posed Nyarlathotep in my seat, with my headset on, and took a picture (which I can’t find), and also the one below…then I worked all day cuddling my supervisor’s plushy evils. In business attire. 

I have a tentakitty at my desk. I talk to my tentakitty as a part of Rubber Duck Debugging. And kitties are cute.

Reposting for evidence.

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