There are a lot of times I feel like just…flipping the vegan script.

It’s not ‘polyester’ it’s plastic

It’s not ‘vegan leather’ it’s plastic

Its not ‘faux fur’ it’s plastic

Plastic is a pollutant and causes far more damage to the environment both now and in the future than leather or wool.

Please stop telling me that the Plastic Lyfe is the only life, it is not. My leather shoes will last a decade where pleather is lucky to last 12 months. Leather (and wool) decompose and are renewable. Plastic is neither of those.


Sometimes it seems like the vegans are preparing for a post-apocalyptic future where all livestock animals have gone extinct..

Except they’re not foregoing produce dependent on bees for pollination. Major oversight there, doomsday prepper vegans.

Or the worms to help the soil. So many missteps there, doomsday prepper vegans.

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