He had dental surgery yesterday. Unfortunately for him, he’s like me in being very resistant to pain killers – his meds should have lasted a day, they lasted half of one instead. He is recovering, though!

Also, this is a giant photo of my cat. My phone even recommended that I take a super high resolution photo.

Zoan Kitty likes to nap in a few spots in my bedroom. Either here, inside of a cat tree and kitty pie right by a window, on my bed in a warm spot, or up in my closet…

But his favorite spot is on top of me. Even if I’m on the toilet.

Oh Zoan.

My Zoan Cutie-Pi

My Zoan Cutie-Pi by aetherspoon 
Via Flickr:

Because if any photo deserves ludicrous resolution, this one does.

Kitties Pi (the blue cat bed covered in cat hair) made by my partner, @kriatyrr. I highly recommend zooming in all the way.

Zoan Kitty loafing around

Zoan Kitty loafing around by aetherspoon 
Via Flickr:

I was recording a Let’s Play and he was hiding for the last part. The moment I stopped recording, he hopped up on the cat pedestal that I had on kittycam for him. Figures.

Fun fact – you can only add “video from the web” on a desktop. Mobile Tumblr client doesn’t let you, and I haven’t used my laptop in a couple of days now. So three posts in a row time!

Anyway, I talk about my most recently played roleplaying character along with feeding my kitties. Oh yeah, and the first part of the video was eaten by my camera crashing. I’m serious.

It begins – Let’s Vlog Every Day in April. Everyone say hi to Zoan Kitty! Hi Zoan!

VEDA2018 #33 – New York City and Zoan Kitty

Sorry for the delay in uploading, lots of issues with video editors. Why do they all suck and/or cost four arms and a leg?

VEDA2018 #26 – Perky! RPG

Featuring all three kitties! That’s how I’m bribing people to watch a video about my latest roleplaying character and my homebrew system. Wait, I don’t think I’m supposed to say that last part.