A choice among many – Let’s Play something?

Hi all! Don’t mind me, just a video on deciding between the final four games to play on a Let’s Play.

The games:

Zeliard (DOS) – Metroidvania game, beaten once before. I’d end up talking and playing at the same time, treating it more as a source of conversation and a bit of a fun MST3k type of thing like I did for Beyond the Beyond.

Koudelka (PS1) – jRPG that I’ve never played before. Chances are, I won’t be MST3king the game much and will be treating it more as a conventional Let’s Play and talking to the audience like you’re another person in my room while talking.

Sid Meier’s Covert Action (DOS) – ‘other’ genre spy thriller. I’d be MST3king the crap out of this game, probably also with lots of alternate music. Unlike BtB, I’ve actually never beaten the game, but I’ve played through huge chunks of it.

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri / Alien Crossfire (Win9x) – Turn-based strategy / 4X game. I’ve played this for over 1000 hours and would likely do this as a tutorial / random bits of conversation topic. I’d be playing through one civ from start to end in ironmanish mode.

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