Backlog of VEDA videos, coming at you all now. Woo.

This one is from the 10th. Just a simple cat break video, once more. You get to see the triumvirate of kitties eat.

Education. Before someone asks, no, the video isn’t actually 1h 6m long; it is only 23 minutes and the rest is solid black; I’ll fix later.

Fair warning, I use profanity.

Some snippets of an FTL run for my VEDA, with me talking via desynched audio! Wo..oo..o.

Dreams! They’re weird!

I talk a bit about one of my really weird dreams as of late. Have any weird ones as of late yourself?

An overview on how to build a desktop computer. Well, the manual labor – the hard part is actually just knowing what to put in to a computer, not the physical job of installing everything.

Also, this is the first (and probably only) vlog without a cat in it, so I made sure I had a cat in the thumbnail from a test picture I took. Hi Issun!