An overview on how to build a desktop computer. Well, the manual labor – the hard part is actually just knowing what to put in to a computer, not the physical job of installing everything.

Also, this is the first (and probably only) vlog without a cat in it, so I made sure I had a cat in the thumbnail from a test picture I took. Hi Issun!

This is what happens when I’m tired; I forget to crosspost my vlog.

This vlog is about my most valuable possession, and that’s not financial value.

Issun, Zoan, and Boo eating. I talk a bit about the kitties.

Google is currently auto-awesomeing the video, so it won’t be anywhere near as dark or shaky.

Unfortunately, Youtube can’t autopost to Tumblr/LJ, so I have to do it manually. Since rendering and uploading took a bajillion years last night, that means posting it the next morning.
Oh well, the vlog was still done last night.

Here you go! A re-introduction to me, via stream of consciousness vlogging. Woo.