I settled on a rock in Central Park, the New York skyline behind me. A glassy new skyscraper neared completion in its stretch toward the skies. I was striking a few poses in my superhero costume when a young boy perched higher on a rock chimed in.

“Captain America does not have a turban and beard,” he said. He had a child’s curious tone. No malevolence.

“Why not?” I asked him. “I was born here. We could have a new Captain America who is Sikh or black or Hispanic.”

He thought about this. Finally, he conceded that yes, maybe a black or Hispanic Captain America would be OK. But his brain couldn’t make sense of it: Captain America in a turban? Captain America in a beard? He’d never conceived of such a thing before.

That’s exactly what brought me to this park on a beautiful summer day. To make fresh neural connections in our collective consciousness. To leave a new image on the hard drive of that boy’s mind.

– “Captain America in a Turban,” Vishavjit Singh

Hell Fucking Fuck Yes! 

Yay cats, proof that Humans aren’t the only ones that won the evolution lottery.



let’s talk about housecats and how fucking weird they are evolutionarily/anthropologically

like who thought it was a good idea to have tiny malicious predators in our homes anyways????? (not us actually)

are they even domesticated????!!!?? (yes) do they even feel LOVE???????!!? (yes)



you ready 2 learn punk

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Great music video!

Nothing to Prove – Geek Girls & The Doubleclicks (by thedoubleclicks)

I love the DoubleClicks

The idea that someone can’t be a geek because of some physical difference or the fact that they identify something differently than others is maddening. Geeks come in all flavors – even key lime!

On a related note, I’ve heard that part of this was filmed at my FLGS here in Mad City. Probably some of the bit at the end.