VEDA2018 #33 – New York City and Zoan Kitty

Sorry for the delay in uploading, lots of issues with video editors. Why do they all suck and/or cost four arms and a leg?

VEDA2018 #26 – Perky! RPG

Featuring all three kitties! That’s how I’m bribing people to watch a video about my latest roleplaying character and my homebrew system. Wait, I don’t think I’m supposed to say that last part.

Cameras! I talk / ramble about them!
Also including some older photos I have taken in the past. Some in the tags for a hint…

VEDA2018 #21 – Frustration

Where I make a bed and rotate it! And have a kitty! And show off the latest damage to my phone. Woo!

About time the upload finally worked. :)
Have a story about me. It is related to computers, but more related to me. Also, kitties and a salad. Don’t ask.

VEDA2018 #10 – Kitty Antics and Physical Problems / Pain 

Some kitty antics from yesterday and I talk about some of my physical problems and pain. I give a warning before the physical problems / pain parts, so people can enjoy some of the kitty antics without. :)