As a writer, you should try to give your villains plausible motivations, backstories, etc. A villain is much more interesting if they think they’re the hero of their own story.

As a DM, this is still great advice in theory but in practice you should ABSOLUTELY NEVER DO THIS because your players will discover your villains’ tragic backstory, look at their motivation and find it sound, and end up adopting the villains, going rogue from the Celestial Intervention Agency to avenge the wrongs done said villains and ensure their freedom, accidentally kidnapping the President, and plunging Gallifrey into a civil war.

For me, also known as “hey Spoon, why are there two Pantheon wipes in your D&D setting?”

… because my players sided with the sympathetic villain who just wanted to stop the exploitation of their people… by eliminating the gods themselves, even the ones who had nothing to do with it.

Might as well try here as well. :)
I have a few things that I’d like drawn and made look pretty (with color). Does anyone know of any artist that they like and is also open for commissions?

Said art would only be used by me. One is of a roleplaying NPC, the other is of a shirt that another roleplaying NPC wears (that I think would be an awesome sticker for a laptop).