VEDA2018 #15

There are two parts to this video.

If you’re here for the regular vlogging updates, that’s the first part.
I had a really nasty anxiety attack Saturday night / Sunday morning. While preparing for my planned VEDA, I ended up recording some of my recovery. It is kind of painful for me to show (I ended up crying a bit remembering the feelings while editing), I think it is important to show what others are dealing with, usually in silence. Feel free to skip the last parts if you don’t want to watch that.

VEDA2018 #13 – Travel and Games
Where I merge two videos together because my brain can’t focus enough on one topic?

And here’s today’s vlog, covering Votification. Briefly. I mostly don’t have a voice and the weather is crummy, so I kept it short. That and I feel like garbage. Eh.
Still, there is cute kitty goodness at the end! Woo!


Hi again. I made a vlog intro. It has subtitles!

Actually, I’m really excited about the subtitles. I’ve always wanted to sub my own videos, but the tools have been… very clunky and awkward, to put it mildly, and I haven’t really had the time to do so.

Youtube has actually done a pretty good job with improving them – these tools hardly take me any longer than the length of the video itself to sub them, and they’re fairly accurate – I only had to modify a bit of the timing myself (mostly due to long spots of silence). I hope this helps at least one person. :)