VEDA 2019.04.06 – Computing Turducken (Part One)

This is my big secret project – the Computing Turducken. It is part-computer design, part-art project. This video has taken an extraordinary amount of time to set up (and a not-insignificant amount of money, despite my efforts to be a cheapskate), but I think it is worth it in the end. Hopefully my rambling doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the video, even if it is a nearly-hour-long-vlog.

I’ll be doing updates on the Turducken every so often, with a major update once a week (probably).

I talk about my preferences in roleplaying characters. Note that this isn’t what I end up playing all of the time – I usually just fill in whatever role is available, I’m talking about my own tendencies and preferences on character creation. Mostly D&D, but I hit other systems as well.

Fun fact – you can only add “video from the web” on a desktop. Mobile Tumblr client doesn’t let you, and I haven’t used my laptop in a couple of days now. So three posts in a row time!

Anyway, I talk about my most recently played roleplaying character along with feeding my kitties. Oh yeah, and the first part of the video was eaten by my camera crashing. I’m serious.

Neglected to post this here before. how dare I not show the glorious Issun Kitty/

Despite evidence to the contrary, my Nuzlocke lives! Just three years delayed – nothing bad happened in the last three years, right?

Anyway, let’s go through the first battle of South Paramecia and… oh dear I’m low level. Uh-oh.

VEDA2018 #34 – Weekend at SPOON!’s

This pair of vlogs (other is rendering now) are a piecemeal part of my weekend. This one is basically a random clip show. Just picture yourself back in the days of vine or something. :)

All right, have another daily vlog for you al- wait a second, what’s the date today?