I have a friend who was playing coup against someone who was really good at counting cards and reading people. So what he did to counter this is he just, stopped looking at his cards entirely, until at least the fourth to fifth turn. He has yet to loose since then against this guy.


I have played poker with people who have this WITCHCRAFT ability.

I actually have this ability; I can even count other players’ decks in Dominion… and I have no idea how I remember such things. Here’s another tip along the same lines to handle us witches:

Try playing Coup: Rebellion and play without the characters who have efficient card swapping abilities (that is, characters that let you look at 2+ cards at a time). It means us card counters have to spend WAY longer than normal looking at cards in the deck to figure out what other people are, and by then you can simply just take us out easily by lying through your teeth.