There’s so frequently an undercurrent of ableism in cyberpunk (especially modern quasi-cyberpunk that misses the point) and it’s just as often reflected in the able-bodied fandom.

Able bodied people are always so shocked when I say I’d gladly replace some or all of my body with ultra-tech level cybernetic replacements (aka looks and feels like the real thing to myself and others or at least retains my sense of touch) if they existed now. Like why yes I would replace my arms, legs, and spinal cord if it meant being free of constant pain. This is not a hard call.

“But what about your humanity?” Not sure who decided my humanity was stored in my ass, Karen.

This is a thing in Callisto 6 – a Cyberpunk live-play RPG. Most cybernetic replacements are used by people who need it. In keeping in line with the genre, corporate rich people get much higher quality ones, but the point remains.

The campaign setting was partially written by Sam de Leve, who might know a thing or two about this. Also, the live-play is so awesome and has the best people and…


How do you get your dogs to look at you with such adoration and loyalty? Is it treats? My mom’s cats look at me with indifference and lowkey contempt.


You’ve just identified the primary difference between cats and dogs.

If it helps, I can probably help with the cat equivalent. Care for them more like you would a dog. Play with them, give them treats, challenge their minds, and always give them attention and love. While my kitties have been unusually affectionate all of their lives, I’m sure part of it was how I raised them.





The thing with statistics – via

Numbers don’t lie but people can sure as fuck pick and choose the numbers they give you and phrase things to make them sound like they mean things they don’t

learn fucking stats or at least how they can hurt

As a wise man once said: There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.


every other comment on this is “just let them outside” like…. no

letting cats outside is dangerous for them, and horrible for the local ecosystem

cats are great but domestic cats are an invasive species

this is a really good way to let cats enjoy the outdoors without letting them wreak havoc on the local ecosystem