Every version of dwarves has them being almost constantly armoured, and living in huge fortresses and underground tunnels, usually with some super-dramatic main gate that’s twenty feet high and about three feet thick.

What if there’s a reason for that? Like, they weren’t always a race of warriors and miners who almost never showed themselves above ground?

What if they’re the fantasy equivalent of those survivalists who turn their basement into a bomb shelter and fill the place with guns and canned food because they’re totally convinced The End Is Nigh?

What about a setting where the dwarves used to be perfectly happy above ground, growing flowers and getting a tan, until some huge disaster happened, and they all went Fuck This. So they dug down and hid away until the zombie horde or magical plague or the horde of rabid squirrels or whatever had passed, but they never forgot, and now their entire species is like “Constant Vigilance!”

There might even be some dwarf cities buried so deep they never heard the disaster ended. A whole city-fortress of paranoid, armed to the teeth dwarves, ready to kick the shit out of anything that isn’t a dwarf.

what the fuck i love this

There are three basic kinds of dwarves.

The Deep Dwarves never unsealed their vaults. They’ve got pretty much no idea what happened since they closed the big doors, but they know that things were going really bad really fast when they got to the shelter, and they know that they haven’t run out of anything irreplaceable yet so there’s no reason to open up now.

Then there’s your basic mountain dwarves. They opened the gates at some point, maybe out of curiosity, maybe because they ran out of some resource or broke something they couldn’t fix on their own, maybe because they didn’t have enough genetic diversity when the apocalypse happened to stay sealed up for more than a few generations, maybe they wanted to do what they could to help the poor bastards stuck outside. Regardless, they’ve made contact with the outside world, and they might have trade or even diplomatic relations with the primitive tribes that have risen up out of the ashes of the old world, but except when absolutely necessary they stay in where it’s safe, ready to seal the gates again at a moment’s notice.

Then there’s the third group, dwarves who have decided that living outside with the humans and orcs and elves and shit isn’t too bad. These are widely regarded as lunatics, and evidence of the damage that prolonged exposure to the stuff outside will do to your brain.

There is a reason why the Shield Dwarves of Sharna live below the surface…







My cat brings me socks as offerings when he wants attention

For the record, these were all shot in one day. When we redid the carpets, we found 102 socks stashed in various places around the house. All that time I thought it had been the dryer eating them…

How much of your budget is dedicated to socks?

my bowie does this


His name is boots







This cat is too fluffy for me to comprehend in slow motion

wow continuants wow


Me: “Do you guys want to see the fluffiest cat?”
Coworkers, immediately and loudly: “YES SEND IT NOW.”

I love cloud cat

that cat is wearing a functional neck ruff

hello elizabethan cloud cat keep up the good work

I want to pet said fluffy kitty. Then again, I want to pet all the kitties.




I just cannot stress enough how much i fUCKING LOVE MERMAIDS


Those first two look like they’re straight out of Rolling in the Deep by @seananmcguire

The last two are dead ringers for what I was picturing in my mind for those poor mermaids on Sharna that no PC has even met.



Medication is often stigmatized and that really bothers me. I’ve taken meds on and off for years to supplement my focus and combat my anxiety. I’ve adapted because of prescriptions. None of us are weak for this, we’re simply helping our brains get the chemicals they need to function better.

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Please do not repost or share without credit.

© Megan Fabbri 2017

The outpour of love for this design has been absolutely incredible and the circulation has been surreal. Thank you, world, for sharing the message and I’m thrilled to hear how it’s resonated and even so much as comforted so many thousands of people! There will be more pro-mental health art to come, I promise. (I’ve named this Purrozac by the way!)

I’ve made a small number of RedBubble sales since posting this and while it doesn’t give me a lot of money, it’s the smallest comfort to my financial anxieties and I can’t thank people enough for the support. Even just the thousands of notes is incredible for me. I always thought I’d have to post more fan art and copyrighted imagery to be recognized. While this image is not very strong by my own standards, being recognized as an artist for artwork with a message so near and dear to me personally as a sufferer of anxiety, situational depression, and grief has just been incredibly fulfilling.

I’m genuinely so moved I could cry and the joy from this is much appreciated in such a turbulent period in my own life. Thank you so much.


















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That was super nice of them.

And now I’m mad that nobody told us we were given cows. Cause that’s really f*cking nice and nobody mentioned it at all.

American media tends to disregard that anyone donates to the US. And then Amurricans complain about money going abroad because “nobody helped the US in our disasters.”


Also, do you know how much a cow costs? O.O

It isn’t just a matter of how much a cow costs, its a matter of considering that Masai life is based around their cattle. Its their wealth, their food, and a significant part of their religion. Here’s a quote from Wikipedia:

“Traditional Maasai lifestyle centres around their cattle which constitute their primary source of food. The measure of a man’s wealth is in terms of cattle and children. A herd of 50 cattle is respectable, and the more children the better. A man who has plenty of one but not the other is considered to be poor.[37] A Maasai religious belief relates that God gave them all the cattle on earth, leading to the belief that rustling cattle from other tribes is a matter of taking back what is rightfully theirs, a practice that has become much less common.[38]

So its not just “they gave us 14 cows”, its that they gave us something that is very important and significant to them, it is more than just a kind gesture that definitely deserves to be known and its a genuine shame that more people don’t know about it.

Wait, you guys DON’T KNOW that we offer help to the US when you have disasters???????

Shit, down here in Brazil we not only offered to send tracking units and doctors to help in 9/11 but we wanted to send a whole lot of donations to help with Katrina (we have experience with floods down here so we knew what kind of medicine to send to prevent outbreaks). 

We alone had like 2 army airplanes full of medicine and non-perishables like baby formula, diapers, bottled water, mosquito nets and other stuff that’s needed to fight opportunistic diseases that hit flooded areas, enough to assist a good few thousand people at least, ready to go the day after it hit, but your government refused the donations

The same thing happened to the Canadians and Europeans who offered help, the US embassies around the world told us all to give money to Red Cross.

And so we did, we all gave hundreds of millions of dollars to them, and then this happened:

Red Cross scandals tarnish relief efforts

‘Breathtaking’ Waste and Fraud in Hurricane Aid

So please, don’t you go spreading misinformation and prejudice against the rest of the world, WE DID OFFER HELP AND ORGANIZED IT EVEN FASTER THAN BUSH DID, BUT Y’ALL REFUSED IT

Oh wow I had no idea this happened it’s really not talked about in media at all wow this is something good to know about wow

I’m so angry.

I didn’t know that other countries tried to help after 9/11 or Katrina. Like, that’s something we, the people, should hear about and we don’t.

Please don’t blame us for the shitty decisions our government makes. We don’t have as much control over our government as we would like to think and they keep a lot from us.

Spread this shit. 

After Katrina, Cuba donated several hundred blankets. Think about that. A country that is suffering economically due directly to the US embargo offered to help us when we needed it by sending what they could. And once again, it was refused. We have a government that is so self-righteous that we refuse to accept disaster aid in order to maintain this facade that we are the most generous nation on earth.

Okay, Katrina thing.

Only Texans really knows this? and even then it’s not wide spread.
Mexico sent their army.
They sent their army for relief efforts. Didn’t call ahead, they drove all the way to San Antonio with doctors and food and all sorts of supplies.

When people actually got a call from them saying “Hey, we’re sending people up.”
The people who answered said “What? We can’t…”
“Too late, already there.”
This was while the government was turning down help.

So yeah, other countries send relief.

Forest fires up in Washington last year? Firefighters from Australia came up to assist.

Like… we don’t hear about this shit. At all.

I can second the above with the fires. 

Most the time, when people say “oh FEMA or something sent people right?” re: fires, its actually people from other countries showing up and kinda ignoring the government telling them to fuck off and staying on behalf of local departments because we REALLY need them. 

If there’s a huge ass disaster, and the government is sitting there with a thumb up it’s ass, help is offered and most the time– shit, it gets there!
But then the feds do something really fucking dirty.
They insist they were the help, if it’s talked about at all. 

They insist those people putting out fires were federal people, because to most people a fireman’s a fireman. The people handing out water and food, a relief worker is a relief worker. So on and so forth. 

We had people come up when the fires were so bad a while ago– not the Australians, but i think there was like a German group of like 3 guys that flew themselves over? They came out of sheer “this is horrible and we’re helping” and my dad [local fire chief] had them working with our guys and the feds lost no time telling every news outlet that it was THEIR people doing all the fire knockdowns and structure work when these guys were running into buildings and grabbing people, pets, and people’s important documents because they knew papers were a pain in the ass to replace. 

What you gotta understand is that our government is very intent on selling us and the rest of the world [as much as possible] the idea of a powerful and self reliant country. All our reporting on disasters, starts with the scaremongering and then moves to “but our people can handle it because we’re the best at handling things” and then they move on before the idea it’s out of control comes to mind. The average person outside of the disaster has no idea, if they have never been around such an event or met someone who regularly deals with these things, they will kinda probably nod along with that. Because we have no real scope on the scale and impact– by design. Our media intake is very controlled to slant everything to the “eh, we can handle it and everyone else out there– they need our help because they’re not so good at handling disasters like we are.”
People who know better, reading international news, interacting with international social groups, looking outside their sphere of community– we know better but that kinda slant is really hard to break from because of that grip American media has on information.
So, taking that knowledge, we further have restricted reporting on certain disasters because they’re considered unimportant. 
Hurricanes are considered important, earthquakes are only considered important if it wrecks something the government cares about or somewhere a couple million people live that they’ll upset the national money flow/they can throw money at someone to make the news care, floods are only important if it’s in a similar manner to earthquakes but since they occur annually they’re rarely reported on nationally, mudslides that kill people or leave hundreds homeless aren’t important to the government even through they happen constantly, wildfires that consume most of the nation/continent each year generally are unimportant until they consume a town or threaten a government interest/money flow location.
Terrorist attacks are always important because people will talk about them.

So, when we do get help for any of the above, it’s possible that most people may have no idea about what’s happened, let alone that help’s been sent. Or if people know something happened, the details are vague– the news don’t care to give the nitty gritty. You’ll know something happened and people are suffering and “gee, isn’t it good you’re not them” and then now the weather.

So, yeah, basically no one really knows we get help.

International response to Hurricane Katrina: 

We got HELLA help, but nobody really talks about it

American Media really fails regularly 

Hurricane Sandy, Quebec sends power line crews down to assist in restoring power.  California gets rid of water bombers due to budget cuts, Canada sends theirs down to help fight wild fires. Amazing what living on the border and having outside TV News does to your information flow.

After Katrina, Denmark offered to donate water purification units so people wouldn’t get sick from drinking contaminated water, but the offer was declined.

A private Danish company built a mobile satellite phone booth and drove it around the poor neighbourhoods in Mississippi and Louisiana so people could call their families and insurance companies for free (apparently there was a deadline for reporting damages but people couldn’t call in because their mobile phones were dead and landlines were down).

American propaganda is not a thing of the past, nor is it a new thing. It has been around forever, telling stories of exceptionalism and self-reliance while our government tries its hardest to refuse the help of others and offer its own to them, to try and force other nations onto their back foot and remain aggressively benevolent in international matters, so that it can lord that shit over them in negotiations and the media in general.

I guarantee you America would have a less jingoistic, less xenophobic populace overall if this sort of information were actually reported to us. If we weren’t always fed the lie of helping the world without any gratitude or help in return. If the media didn’t present us as world police and instead as a part of the community, as other countries try hard to include us as, then maybe Americans would actually act like they’re part of a fucking community.

But global citizens are hard to monger fear and distrust and xenophobia and nationalism with. They’re hard to control with propaganda and hate. They’re hard to keep ignorant and docile and saying “this is fine” while the empire burns.

A lot of Americans wonder why our country is seen as a worldwide bully. Shit like that, my friends. Shit like that. Its hubris is seemingly limitless.


Being from Florida, I knew about Cuba offering help from each of the disasters that befell my home… and the US refusing help every time. The US always refuses help from anyone (other than sometimes Canada), and I’ve always considered that an incredibly stupid move. Even if you’re looking at this purely from a realpolitik perspective, that’s the type of thing that helps with diplomacy.

Ngh. Stupid US policy.