VEDA2018 #25 – Weather, mostly.
A long walk where I talk about the weather. Mostly. Kind-of.

Cameras! I talk / ramble about them!
Also including some older photos I have taken in the past. Some in the tags for a hint…




This adorable little robot is designed to make sure its photosynthesising passenger is well taken care of. It moves towards brighter light if it needs, or hides in the shade to keep cool. When in the light, it rotates to make sure the plant gets plenty of light. It even likes to play with humans.

Oh, and apparently, it gets antsy when it’s thirsty.

The robot is actually an art project called “Sharing Human Technology with Plants” by a roboticist named Sun Tianqi. It’s made from a modified version of a Vincross HEXA robot, and in his own words, it’s purpose is “to explore the relationship between living beings and robots.”

I don’t care if it’s silly. I want one.


A spider that doesn’t freak me out

Holy crap, if it weren’t for the fact that my cats would have a field day eating them, I’d want twelve constantly roaming around my house.

Then again, amusing cat toy anyone? :)

VEDA2018 #21 – Frustration

Where I make a bed and rotate it! And have a kitty! And show off the latest damage to my phone. Woo!

VEDA2018 #20 – Quick Video
Warning: I didn’t put any kitties in this video. :(

VEDA2018 #19 – Quick Cooking Chat

In which I ramble a bit and include my successful hamburger story from… today.