I noticed the other day that girls usually adapt to their bfs hobbies like if they enjoy idk surfing the girls will start learning facts about it and buying cute things related to it for them and being so proud of their bf like they’re a star even if they aren’t that great at surfing just out of pure love and joy ….. But men never fucking adapt to their gf’s interests like they can’t possibly care less about makeup for example or they’ll just complain about them taking too long to get ready instead of sharing the passion for it and watching them create something beautiful and being interested in why is it that it makes her feel better to do her makeup. Men are so used to not trying at all fuck that tbh!!!!

yall are just dating the wrong fucking people lmao

Seriously, you ARE dating the wrong people. I work in a makeup store and the sheer amount of guys that are fully engaged in what their girlfriends/wives are doing with makeup surprised me. Yes there’s a lot of guys who scoff and roll their eyes about being in the PRESENCE of makeup, but there’s sooooo many that are consistently engaged, looking at colours wanting to help (even when they’re visibly confused and you can see they want to help but don’t know how). My boyfriend even knows more than I thought just from listening to me talk.

Find better quality guys that take interest in your interests and stop settling for assholes.

the person you’re dating should be your best friend. Not as in, date your best friend, but as in if your partner doesn’t engage with you at the same level as a best friend (or even just a friend), there is something wrong. It’s not long term material.

Couples that act like men and women are ‘opposite’ sides in the relationship game are such a weird concept for me. ‘Oh, we’re married, my wife is basically an obstacle to me getting a nice night out with my friends haha’ or ‘oh my boyfriend doesn’t do any of the housework ahahaha boys am I right?“

like, ?????? you,re not supposed to be on opposite sides, both pulling to get what you want. You’re supposed to be a TEAM. that’s, like, the whole point of a relationship.

Like, not only does my boyfriend know and care about my interests, even the ones I rant about that know bore him a little (and vice versa – I now know a lot about Eve Online and he knows more than he has probably ever wanted to know about star wars fanfiction), he also knows about my day to day stuff. Like, I’ll ask him to do the laundry and he’ll answer “okay but where’s the little net bag you put your bras in so they don’t get stretched in the washer?” because he fucking LISTENED when I bought it and told him what it was for.

like I said. You’re a team, conquering adult life together. That goes for everything, from getting excited and calling him over when I spot a simulator game on sale at the store (even though wtf simulator games I will never get the point of them) to figuring out the most efficient way to keep the living room clean.

*high fives my boyfriend, cartwheels out of the house*

-My boyfriend learnt how to plait hair because he knows that I struggle with it and now he is better than most girls I know.
-I try my best to learn about classic cars and stuff because he loves stuff like that.
– He can do my makeup better than I can
– I’m trying to learn Spanish because he lives in Spain now.
– He watched a full web series I love even though he hated it because I got super excited about it and he wanted to understand what I was excited about.
-We went snowboarding in Bulgaria because I wanted to try a hobby of his.

We are a team, we have separate interests, the same interests and we create new interests together.

Date someone that supports you, date your partner in crime. Don’t date someone that doesn’t support your interests dude.

“date your partner in crime”

@writegowrite, who is the best partner in crime a girl could ask for. X* ~~~<3

This should be normal. Why is this not normal?


I have a friend who was playing coup against someone who was really good at counting cards and reading people. So what he did to counter this is he just, stopped looking at his cards entirely, until at least the fourth to fifth turn. He has yet to loose since then against this guy.


I have played poker with people who have this WITCHCRAFT ability.

I actually have this ability; I can even count other players’ decks in Dominion… and I have no idea how I remember such things. Here’s another tip along the same lines to handle us witches:

Try playing Coup: Rebellion and play without the characters who have efficient card swapping abilities (that is, characters that let you look at 2+ cards at a time). It means us card counters have to spend WAY longer than normal looking at cards in the deck to figure out what other people are, and by then you can simply just take us out easily by lying through your teeth.

Zoan Kitty – 2017.02.04 by aetherspoon

Via Flickr:

Zoan looked adorable, so I took photos. Seriously, this is the Internet, why would I need more reasons?

(Now the entire album)


Could you recommend some cheap Steam games, please?


I can’t, but I bet someone who reads this can.

One Way Heroics is a good and very cheap (usually under 5 USD for the original) roguelike game.


Hi again. I made a vlog intro. It has subtitles!

Actually, I’m really excited about the subtitles. I’ve always wanted to sub my own videos, but the tools have been… very clunky and awkward, to put it mildly, and I haven’t really had the time to do so.

Youtube has actually done a pretty good job with improving them – these tools hardly take me any longer than the length of the video itself to sub them, and they’re fairly accurate – I only had to modify a bit of the timing myself (mostly due to long spots of silence). I hope this helps at least one person. :)