you may need some more room in your freezer for 11

Don’t buy LaCroix. Buy something like a Soda Stream and make your own seltzer. I go through about 2L of seltzer a day, and making it myself (plus buying some calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate, and potassium bicarbonate to make my own mineral water) has been pretty rad.

Does anyone have a way of adding flavors to it without syrup or any sweetener (similar to la croix)? I’m fine with it plain, but I know some people prefer having a bit of lemon or lime flavor.

Agate Falls 2016 by aetherspoon 
Via Flickr:

Trip up to Agate Falls in Trout Creek, Michigan (UP) in the United States. This is the first of three sites we explored on that vacation, so expect two more albums of this at a later date.

Starry Ontonogon Night

Starry Ontonogon Night by aetherspoon 
Via Flickr:

This is the same photo as I’ve uploaded before, only this time I’ve developed the RAW myself. I think this version looks freaking beautiful.

I’m trying to search through a pair of tags – specifically solarpunk and lunarpunk. I’m trying to do some research for my roleplaying game, and Tumblr posts are actually really great for this type of thing… in theory.

In practice, Tumblr is freaking terrible. The best I’ve found for trying to actually look through things in tags is by using the android Tumblr client, which just seems… wrong. I’d like to use my desktop so I can copy/pasta into OneNote to have proper annotations and the like.

Can someone help me figure out how to Tumblr?


my friend just texted me “it’s not acceptable that trump feels good about himself and you don’t” and i think it’s the most motivational thing i’ve ever read

Ontonagon Starry Night

Ontonagon Starry Night by Shivers

Via Flickr:

12:39a, 2016.07.13 – Facing NNE. The black spot in the lower left are a patch of trees I was trying (and failing, apparently) to use as framing. Maybe I can tweak the RAW a bit to have it come out.

I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning and snapped a whole bunch of photos. This was the SOLE photo that doesn’t look like My First Bokeh project.