Hooooly shit. According to this writer, Xfinity is falsely impersonating its customers in order to post anti-net neutrality comments on the FCC website.

Try to even it out by visiting and hitting +EXPRESS and leaving a pro-net neutrality comment.

Oh, and they just sued a cease and desist against the website outing them on this: explains to the public that “someone has submitted nearly half a million anti-net neutrality comments to the FCC, many of which appear to be completely fake — using stolen names and addresses,” and gives anyone an opportunity to check if their name is being used without their knowledge. Today, Fight for the Future released a statement to announce that Comcast’s attorneys had sent them a cease and desist order that insists the group “take all steps necessary to see that the Domain Name [] is assigned to Comcast.”


My name was on there and I’ve never been a comcast customer…. you better check for your name!

wow, I was on there too, and same here, never been a comcast customer in my life. check and make sure! this is so gross


Fuck Comcast.

People’s Names Are Being Stolen To Flood The FCC With Anti-Net Neutrality Comments






Kids these days who think that being a bard is just about swinging swords and playing lutes disgust me. Where’s the pizzazz? The showmanship? The seduction??

you ain’t a real bard until you seduce your way out of at least 19 situations that would normally end in combat

You’re not a real bard until you make your DM cry because you seduced the Big Bad that they’ve built up to for 10 sessions

Once a bard friend rolled a 1 for a seduction and ended up killing a girl and tried to hide the body. He was caught, rolled low on deception and they all thought he was fucking her corpse.
He then tried seducing the guards and rolled low again so all the guards had boners while arresting him and the DM had to sideline the entire game and make up a dungeon for the rest of us to get our stupid bard out of.
But we didn’t. So for like 3 nights the DM essentially ran 2 different games, one of us questing without ol’ corpsefucker and then the adventures of corpsefucker: escape from boner castle.

He seduced his way out, naturally.

A true bard

In my current game of D&D, we have “The Music”. As in “it is time to face The Music”. It is a party that consists of a Bard, a Bard, a Ranger, a Barbarian, and a Warlock.
Beyond the obvious, the Ranger (my character) has some bard powers and plays a wicked fiddle. The Barbarian can both dance and play the bagpipes quite well. The Warlock is currently learning how to sing so she can be the front person for our band. Oh yeah, and the lowest charisma in the party is 14, average of 17.

We may not be seducing everything in sight, but we are definitely the bard party. We’ve now successfully intimidated a war party of Efreeti-like beings (which would have crushed us like the bugs we were) via playing bag pipe death metal. We later befriended them via a wall punching contest, but that’s another story.


As a writer, you should try to give your villains plausible motivations, backstories, etc. A villain is much more interesting if they think they’re the hero of their own story.

As a DM, this is still great advice in theory but in practice you should ABSOLUTELY NEVER DO THIS because your players will discover your villains’ tragic backstory, look at their motivation and find it sound, and end up adopting the villains, going rogue from the Celestial Intervention Agency to avenge the wrongs done said villains and ensure their freedom, accidentally kidnapping the President, and plunging Gallifrey into a civil war.

For me, also known as “hey Spoon, why are there two Pantheon wipes in your D&D setting?”

… because my players sided with the sympathetic villain who just wanted to stop the exploitation of their people… by eliminating the gods themselves, even the ones who had nothing to do with it.