You know, in a horror movie, everyone always responds with a flight response when they see the monster. But that’s not the only thing that happens when people get scared. I want to see someone choose the fight response. I want to see a character turn around to see the killer right there, scream in terror, and start punching them in the face repeatedly.

I’m pyrophobic, meaning being around fire causes a fight-or-flight response in me. In college, one person decided to corner me in a hallway with a lighter. That person became real surprised when I started walking *toward* the person in a quite aggressive manner.

It is called fight-or-flight for a reason…



Yesterday at the foster clinic there was a woman with a litter of tiny, tiny kittens, one of whom was a beautiful orange and white creamsicle.  I told her, “I love orange boy cats, they are all so stupid.” and the foster mom said to me, with tears of love in her eyes, face glowing with maternal pride, “He is only 6 days old and I can already tell that he’s going to be so stupid!”

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