american nationalism is its own religion.

  • the constitution is comparable to the Bible. read as if it was written by God, and is oftentimes considered indisputable 
  • the flag is an idol in which people literally pledge their allegiance to
  • patriotic anthems = hymns
  • the military itself is a treated like a priest class; the “laypeople” are expected to display the utmost respect for their pure existence.
  • indoctrination of children
  • displays of patriotism determines how “faithful” the individual is
  • presence of nationalism at different events (such as sports games, festivals, schools etc…) eerily resembles a theocracy
  • when someone chooses not to partake in a patriotic ritual, they are considered a heretic


This is also 100% why American Christianity looks nothing like the teachings of Christ – it’s actually just American Nationalism.

Maybe this is why it spooks me so much?

Disconnected by Disaster—Photos From a Battered Puerto Rico


Dear White America,

I know it’s hard to believe this, and some of you may think I’m making this up, but Puerto Ricans are as American as you and I are (except that they don’t have meaningful representation in Congress, but I’m not going to pretend that you care about that, anyway).

I need you to look at these pictures, and understand how massively devastated Puerto Rico is right now (for example: imagine how you’d feel if the power was out in the entire state of Hawaii, or the entire city of – hey, I’ll let you pick any city in America that isn’t New York or Los Angeles). 

Remember how we came together as a nation after Katrina, and we all chipped in to help the Gulf Coast recover? Remember how furious we were at George W. Bush’s incompetence and indifference to the suffering in the Superdome? Remember how we all mobilized to help our fellow Americans, because that’s what we do?

Well, we need to do that right now, White America. I know they mostly speak a different language and that they don’t have white skin like we do, but they aren’t just our fellow humans (which should be enough, but I know it isn’t because I know you, White America). The people who are suffering in Puerto Rico right now are our fellow American Citizens.

Look at all of these states that have a smaller population than Puerto Rico:

Imagine that any one of those states (or more, if you want to do the math) were destroyed by a natural disaster. They have no power. They have no clean water. They have no cell or internet service. It’s hot as hell and they have no air conditioning.

Try your best, White America, to imagine it, and reach into your heart to find the same empathy and concern and resolve to help the people of Puerto Rico, because our shitty “president” is too busy having a tantrum about athletes protesting police brutality (when he isn’t praising a Turkish dictator whose bodyguards keep beating up our fellow citizens) to do anything about it.

Thanks for listening, White America. We have a lot more to talk about.








omfg that is just too adorable

This kitteh having a little halloween adventure is one of my favourite posts of all time :)

Every fall like clockwork this photo set pops up and we all must reblog it

You know it’s getting close to Halloween when you see it appear :D

This will always be one of my favorite comics ever. It gives me warm fuzzies~

my heart….

< Puts a bowl of water outside the stray kittehs little home

have a good halloween little cats

And your sleepy mom too <3




The world’s tiniest dragon must defend his hoard, a single gold coin, from those who would steal it.

Suggestion: The dragon’s definition of “steal” is somewhat loose. It still allows the coin to be used and bartered and change hands–but on one condition: the dragon must be with it at all times.

They become a familiar sight in the marketplace.

“Here’s your change, ma’am. One gold piece.” The merchant holds out a palm, on top of which rests a tiny, brilliantly colored creature clutching a single gold coin.

“That’s a dragon,” you say dumbly. “One piece… and a dragon.”


You cautiously reach out and attempt to take your change. You tug. It holds. You tug harder. The dragon lets loose a tiny, protective growl.

“Ma’am–no, ma’am, you have to take the dragon, too.”


The seller notes your dubious expression. “Not from around here, are ya?” They shrug. “Them’s the rules. Take the coin, take the dragon.”

They wait expectantly. Wondering how the world has so suddenly gone mad, you slowly, slowly hold out your hand.

The dragon perks right up. It scampers from their palm to yours with the coin clamped in its jaws and scales your sleeve with sharp little claws.

“Have a nice day, ma’am,” the merchant says. “Spend him soon, now, you hear? At another booth, if you can. He likes to travel.”

From its perch upon your shoulder, the dragon lets out a happy trill.

Bonus: the coin eventually passes to the rogue in a group of travelling adventurers. The dragon becomes the mascot of the entire group, and they lay out a small pile of coins for him to sleep on every night, clutching his coin like a teddy bear.

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Tinka and Moxie are still not having any of this, but Rem is adjusting just fine. Although I found out he does have a loud meow at midnight when the girls wouldn’t let him in the bedroom. So I went down and slept on the couch with him. He’s a very purry, kneady cuddler. #Rem