forever torn between “if this object isnt always in the same spot i’ll never remember it” and “if this object stays in the same place for more than 24 hours it’ll just become background and i’ll never remember it”

Okay, but.

Have you considered: if it’s an important object, making its home Aesthetique™?

I’m living that ADHD life, and yeah, visual exhaustion is absolutely a thing. I can’t tell you how much time I spend every week looking for stuff that’s right in front of me or even in my hand (and I legit can’t tell you, once it’s north of an hour time ceases to exist for me), except!

I’ve figured out that I’m more likely to be able to find something if the place it’s supposed to live is something I like looking at. I have a little key hanger by my door with birds on it. It’s visually interesting, it pleases me to look at it, and I can see in a moment if my keys aren’t there before it becomes mission critical to have my keys.

(image of a brown metal key-hanger with three hooks in the shape of small stylized birds, and keys on each hook)

It’s tiny shit like this that can dramatically improve your life. I also do a lot of crafts, and because I am a self-aware trainwreck and a super visual person, I know that I need to have my materials where I can see them all the time. I also figure, if they’re gonna be constantly visible, I maybe oughtta make ‘em 
Aesthetique™, because I don’t want someone to stage a hoarding intervention.

(image of cube shelves with fabric stored in small bolts and scrolls, sorted in color wheel order)

This has the added bonus of curtailing my occasionally out-of-control shopping problem, because it feels like shopping through the stash I already have whenever I start something new.

Did it take a while to organize my fabric like that? HELL YES IT DID, but when I started I had maybe half as much material to organize, and I asked for help doing it. (Never be afraid to ask for help, my friends!) And seriously, since I like looking at my stash, since it makes me happy, since I’m proud of the work I did to make it look like that, I’m way more likely to keep it that way.

I actually took my closet doors a coupla days ago, so I can accomplish something similar with my wardrobe. I’ve got clothes I like and never wear because I forget they’re there, so I’m gonna make my closet

and actually frickin’ use it.

tl;dr acknowledge how your brain works and work with your brain, fuck minimalism, be visual


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