An ad about understanding autism that changes as you move

I looked into the organization that made this ad (national autistic society) and found out that their website actually features posts written by autistic people to persuade people that rather than “curing” autism, the differences among people should be celebrated and theyre primarily recommended to parents learning with new diagnoses :^)

“I’m not naughty, I’m autistic” would’ve changed my life as a kid.

okay but can we also just appreciate how accurately they managed to visually represent what overstimulation feels like?

This ad is 11/10 ??

Accessibility success of the day #19

This is a great example of how we might spread autism awareness without spreading ableism. Good to see that some organizations get it right. 

My teachers always thought I was a bad child and were constantly punishing me for stuff I couldn’t control. Turns out they were actually just ableist fuckheads who didn’t want to deal with me.

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