You’ve been bitten by the self-love bug! Whenever you get this you have to say five (5) things you like about yourself, publicly. Then send this to as many people as you want! :)

Ugh, five things? That’s going to be hard.

1) I’m the best navigator I know. Not only am I great with maps (dead tree format, although also online), but I both instinctually know what direction things are at (if I’m outdoors at least), and I can give driving directions better than anyone I’ve met, even though I don’t drive. It is one of my few skills that not only have little to do with computers, but also don’t cause me to experience imposter syndrome.

2) I admit mistakes. While I’m sure this quality of mine ends up feeding into my imposter syndrome, I’m absolutely not perfect and I admit that. It allows me to learn from said mistakes and be a stonger person as a whole.

3) I’m fairly good at seeing things from other people’s viewpoints and, when I can’t, recognizing my blind spot and trying to adapt. Sure, there are a few things I refuse to try to see someone else’s viewpoint on (intolerance, hatred, etc), but I’m pretty good with this in general.

4) Seeker of knowledge and always curious. I didn’t let my educational career burn out my desire to learn. I’m 35ish and still look up at the sky and wonder what star is what, how flowers make their beautiful pigments, or how my cats can sense my emotions better than humans can.

5) I can explain things on multiple levels to people. I’ve always been a reasonably good teacher (when I’m not too stressed out at least), having tutored kids when I was a kid all the way up to teaching a college class /that I was enrolled in/, but it goes beyond that. I have explained hard drive partitioning to my self-described “computer illiterate” mother. I’ve explained basic fluid mechanics to my nine year old little cousin. I’m sort of cheating with this one though, as it is really a com ination of skills 2-4. Definitely not one though, that I can’t explain.

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