Thatadhdfeel when an adhd reddit thread is how you learn that sitting with your legs up on the chair well into adulthood is an adhd thing. 

wait seriously? not sitting in chairs properly is an adhd thing? 

(i mean i’d guess it could be a thing for many other reasons but…huh.)

I’ve never seen and can’t find any research on this, but my experience both as ND and in the field is that sensory issues (which come with ADHD, ASD, and SPD) usually lead to unusual sitting and/or standing postures.

Think about it though. Think about a regular standard chair, think what it’s like to sit on it. It’s pretty uncomfortable, right? Wrong! Most people actually have no trouble sitting on regular chairs! that’s why they are designed the way they are! most people can sit on them just fine without squirming or feeling pain or feeling the need to fit their legs onto the seat too!

And if this thought, that chairs aren’t just badly-designed discomfort-items, is as mind-boggling a thought to you as it is to me, you probably aren’t all that neurotypical (I won’t say either way about it being ADHD specific since I don’t have ADHD as far as I know, but I’m not neurotypical). 

What the heckie?

I mean, I’m also short, so I just always assumed that was my problem with being comfortable in chairs.

But even in the car, I end up scrunching into the pressure stim of having my legs crossed or under me, so!

yeah this is def an autism/ADHD/etc thing. you see it all the time in coded characters as well

…there’s no WAY neurotypicals can possibly like chairs. Can some people without ADHD or autism chime in?

yeah i have no idea how normal people sit in chairs like that but they seem to like it. i absolutely scrunch up like a goblin if i can get away with it. 

Come to think of it, I never really see other people sit cross-legged in chairs. Why did I never notice that?

Wait, is this why I cross my legs in chairs?

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