I may hate FPSs but Borderlands is a good fucking game and I will defend the whole goddamn franchise to my grave

Like…I don’t think you understand how much I love Borderlands. I may not post about it a lot, but those games are honestly some of the best, if not the best, games on the market today.

It has a shocking amount of diversity for its genre:

(The player characters for BDL1 including a black man, a woman, and a latino man.)

(The player characters for BDL2 including a bisexual man (which is shown in canon, not just confirmed by the devs), an asexual woman (who is also confirmed to be the leader), another latino man, a nonbinary person, a disabled girl genius, and Krieg.)

(The player characters for The Pre-Sequel including a disabled man, a robot, a lesbian woman (who ends up in a relationship with another woman by the end of the game), an older black woman, a millennial, and an Indian woman.)

(And I’m also including Ellie in here because she’s a fat woman who is confident in herself and isn’t made into a joke and you get to kill a bunch of people who try to make fun of her)

…and doesn’t fall into the trap of being “gritty” and “realistic” by making a bleak, beige landscape. While the world of Pandora is a hellhole, it looks honestly awesome. 

It’s colorful and vibrant, with amazing characters and it’s hilarious, but doesn’t shy away from darker moments. (Spoilers in links) 

It’s a masterpiece of gaming and everything a game could and should be.

I love everything about this post. Most of all I love Tim being described as ‘a millenial’.

“and Krieg.”

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