okay but i seriously need y’all to reblog this and tell me: are you an “all water tastes the same” person or an “all water tastes different” person???

All bottled water taste the same and all tap water taste different.

I can definitely tell the difference between bottled waters and tap water. Dasani/Aquafina tastes different than Poland Spring water and tap water in all but a few places I’ve been/lived tastes awful.

I can tell apart some bottled waters, and I can tell when the water filter needs to be changed for filtered tap water. Even with a reasonably fresh filter, I think I can tell apart bottled water and filtered tap water. Fiji water (which is freaking delicious) is the only one I can identify by taste. Everything else is separated into categories like “good,” “okay,” and “I’ve had tap water better than this.”

I can tell the difference between various tap waters plus some of the lower end bottled water (Dasani – fancy speak for “Atlanta City Tap Water”). Fiji, I’m not sure if it is the water, the bottles, or my brain, but it really does taste better.

Mostly, I can taste the difference in water based on what I’m drinking it from. I don’t really like drinking water out of plastic.

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