Medication is often stigmatized and that really bothers me. I’ve taken meds on and off for years to supplement my focus and combat my anxiety. I’ve adapted because of prescriptions. None of us are weak for this, we’re simply helping our brains get the chemicals they need to function better.

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© Megan Fabbri 2017

The outpour of love for this design has been absolutely incredible and the circulation has been surreal. Thank you, world, for sharing the message and I’m thrilled to hear how it’s resonated and even so much as comforted so many thousands of people! There will be more pro-mental health art to come, I promise. (I’ve named this Purrozac by the way!)

I’ve made a small number of RedBubble sales since posting this and while it doesn’t give me a lot of money, it’s the smallest comfort to my financial anxieties and I can’t thank people enough for the support. Even just the thousands of notes is incredible for me. I always thought I’d have to post more fan art and copyrighted imagery to be recognized. While this image is not very strong by my own standards, being recognized as an artist for artwork with a message so near and dear to me personally as a sufferer of anxiety, situational depression, and grief has just been incredibly fulfilling.

I’m genuinely so moved I could cry and the joy from this is much appreciated in such a turbulent period in my own life. Thank you so much.

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