wake up america

this is to educate my non-American followers. This really is how the US sees itself. (and yes, 95% of the time, Florida = WHAT?!)

In Florida the more North you go, the more “South” you get 

In Florida the central part pretends to be the south, the western part pretends to be the northeast and the south pretends to be the west I’m not even kidding you 

… Please tell me you guys are kidding.  

Florida is like it’s own country I swear

I’m from Florida and I can confirm this. Also, South Florida is basically Miami and alligators.

oh, i always assumed florida was part of The South?

north florida is yes. The rest is not.

I’m from Florida, and grew up in SC/NC.
Can confirm all true. ?

Um. This is so wrong.

Also Floridian. Yep, Florida is too far South to be a part of the Deep South.
North Florida can be part of the South, but South Florida is more culturally related to the NE US or the Caribbean than the South.

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