About time the upload finally worked. :)
Have a story about me. It is related to computers, but more related to me. Also, kitties and a salad. Don’t ask.

VEDA2018 #10 – Kitty Antics and Physical Problems / Pain 

Some kitty antics from yesterday and I talk about some of my physical problems and pain. I give a warning before the physical problems / pain parts, so people can enjoy some of the kitty antics without. :)

VEDA2018 #9 – Kitties and Servers

A little something for everyone – Boo Kitty doing her best at being adorable (and getting her favorite treat as a result!) and a brief overview of my servers.
I didn’t want two downer videos in a row, so have this fairly light-hearted video covering two of my favorite things – kitties and computers.

VEDA2018 #5 – Zoan Kitty wants to be the star

Short vlog from yesterday that finally decided to finish uploading.

Have a bit of D&D talk with hints of Wisconsin Springtime and Boo Kitty thrown in for fun. Oh, and me talking a smidge about being sick.

And here’s today’s vlog, covering Votification. Briefly. I mostly don’t have a voice and the weather is crummy, so I kept it short. That and I feel like garbage. Eh.
Still, there is cute kitty goodness at the end! Woo!