People who complain about not being taught how to do taxes in high school probably wouldnt have paid attention to it if offered in high school.

They obviously didn’t because personal finance is a required class to graduate kakskdkdk

No. It’s not. Not everywhere.

In the US, with probable exceptions in some states/districts, you’re taught jack shit about actually functioning in the “real world”. The most we got in the school I went to? The very basics of a checkbook.

I received absolutely nothing on that subject.

…maybe your experience with “most places” and mine are very different then? I know there ARE roads with bike lanes, some places in the world, I’m just not sure I’ve ever seen them in any of the states I’ve lived in.

Madison is definitely more bicycle-friendly than average here. We have bike trails (once the last bit is finished, I can go from my house to work (~10 km away) without riding along side of a road), roads with bike lanes, and it is generally better for pedestrians. But… even without that, you don’t have city planners in places actively trying to /prevent/ bicycle travel in most places around the US.


I’d like to take this moment to honor the brave sacrifice of my laptop’s power supply. Faced with a stray power surge, it fearlessly took the hit, giving up its own life to shield that of my laptop. We mourn its loss.

(Does anyone know where I can buy a new ADP-120ZB BB and have it shipped to Norway? I kind of would like to be able to charge my laptop again.)

Help my Kritter, if you can. Do not let this power brick’s sacrifice be in vain!