First real meal I've booked for myself in months.

First real meal I’ve booked for myself in months. by Shivers

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As a lot of people know, I was diagnosed with severe depression years ago. The past several months have been really rough on me, to the point where I stopped cooking entirely a few months ago. I’ve slowly been working my way back up – first going back to making sandwiches, then cooking pre-prepared meals..

Today I cooked my first meal from might-as-well-be-scratch in over three (might even be four) months. Sure, it is a meal I’ve cooked many times before (although with some minor changes – quesadilla instead of cheddar cheese – A+, will do again), but still – I cooked a meal for over an hour and it is relatively healthy (other than the egg noodle base, but it is more broccoli than noodle). I didn’t have to do this, nothing was about to go bad, but… I did it.

I’m proud of myself. Allow me to show you my dinner.





silent lunches were so….weird. like the entire cafeteria was expected to be quiet and it usually was a punishment for something super dumb tbh like i remember a bunch of kids popped plastic bags one day so we got silent lunch for a week and everyone was just….sitting there all quiet. it was duuuumb

the only funny part tho was sitting around ur friends and all of u trying VERY VERY HARD not to laugh when someone makes a face or something like that, or trying to sneak into the bathroom so u can talk…even then tho fuck silent lunches

ppl keep going “what the FUCK is a silent lunch why would schools have that” and im like. genuinely so forgetful abt the fact that silent lunches are one of those american public school things that literally dont make any sense

I moved around a LOT when I was a kid (mostly within New England, but all northern half of the east coast), and none of my schools had a silent lunch thing. Other dumbass “punishments” for a wide variety of bullshit-to-vaguely reasonable “infractions” (ignoring outright hateful/harmful abuses of power)…but never silent lunches. Seems more…bible-belt-ish to me?

Had to deal with that in schools in South Florida, which is about as far south of the Bible Belt as you can get in the US.