I’m at 5 what about you?

Gonna show this to my goddam mother because she calls me a picker eater but I only scored a 3.

Also 3. Two for “religious reasons” (I’m an atheist, but I figure I’m still entitled to having a group of creatures I don’t eat for no real logical reason), one due to allergies.

4 or 5, depending on if you count eggs (I don’t eat them by themselves).



Can’t vote because you have to work? Check the laws in your state. Many states DO have laws that require employers to let you vote.

Can’t vote because you don’t have transportation? Lyft is currently offering rides free or at 50% off to anyone who needs to get to the polls. Uber is offering $10 off. Even many bike- and scooter-share companies are offering deals right now, and some cities (including Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and Tampa) are making public transit free on voting day. And, chances are, you have friends who also need to vote, so see if you can carpool.

Not sure what kind of ID, if any, you need to bring? Check the laws in your state.

Not sure where to vote? has an easy tool to help you find your nearest polling location.

Not sure if you’re even registered? has a tool for that, too.

Worried you don’t know enough to vote? will show you everything on your local ballot. Several organizations also have voting guides which will give you more in-depth information. Make sure you choose an organization you trust. I recommend starting with the website for your state’s ACLU or Planned Parenthood.

Don’t think there’s any point of voting in your Red State? Check out this horrifying map of how many people didn’t vote in the 2016 election. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans, but Republicans vote more. Yes, there’s a lot stacked against Democrats, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are some examples of lifelong Republicans saying they voted Democrat.

Don’t like any of the candidates? My recommendation to you is to pick the least objectionable person you think can win. I would never tell you to vote against your conscience, but I do still think it’s important to make your choice with the understanding that it has consequences. Trump’s victory margin was smaller than total Stein votes in key swing states. As for write-ins, know that your write-in could be equivalent to a vote for the candidate you like least and be sure you’re comfortable with that before doing it.  


  • Voting day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Hours vary by location, but the day does not.
  • Do not take pictures of your ballot.
  • Do not campaign at the polling place.
  • Make sure you have proper ID, if needed.
  • If you’re voting electronically, double, even triple-check every vote before submitting, even if you have an option to vote straight ticket. There have been cases where this doesn’t work as expected. If you can’t find your party candidate, make sure to check the next page as there have also been glitches (at least in my state) that push the Democratic candidate after the massive list of independent candidates.
  • If you’re voting on paper, check every side of every page to avoid missing any votes.
  • And most importantly, offer to take your friends, family, or co-workers with you to vote if they weren’t already planning to go.  




A cleric who is the Team Mom and only heals by kissing you on the forehead and buffs you by licking her thumb and rubbing away some schmutz on your face

someone’s like “you know that’s not actually required for your job” and she’s like “shhhhh my beautiful child, my healing my rules, I made you a potion, it’s chicken noodle mana” 

Their holy sigil is a macaroni necklace you made in second grade. You didn’t know them in second grade. You’re not sure how they got that macaroni necklace. You ask them about it, and they just slip you a twenty and tell you to get whatever you want at the food court. “What is a food court?” you cry, but it doesn’t matter because they summoned a hero’s feast and everything tastes wonderful, and at some point you crawl into their lap to cry about something you thought you were adult enough to handle. 

“This is you handling it,” they say. “You’re never too big to ask your mom for help.”

“You’re literally not my mother,” you sob.

“But metaphorically,” they say, and you’re like truuuuuuuuuu and sob a little more before they tuck you into a bedroll because you’ve got a big day tomorrow stopping an assassination at a royal palace

I kind of want to make this character now. Dwarven Cleric, but rather than drinking / making mead or beer she makes chicken soup all of the time.




There are a lot of times I feel like just…flipping the vegan script.

It’s not ‘polyester’ it’s plastic

It’s not ‘vegan leather’ it’s plastic

Its not ‘faux fur’ it’s plastic

Plastic is a pollutant and causes far more damage to the environment both now and in the future than leather or wool.

Please stop telling me that the Plastic Lyfe is the only life, it is not. My leather shoes will last a decade where pleather is lucky to last 12 months. Leather (and wool) decompose and are renewable. Plastic is neither of those.


Sometimes it seems like the vegans are preparing for a post-apocalyptic future where all livestock animals have gone extinct..

Except they’re not foregoing produce dependent on bees for pollination. Major oversight there, doomsday prepper vegans.

Or the worms to help the soil. So many missteps there, doomsday prepper vegans.